November 23, 2018 Update

Upland Bird

Upland Bird


Hello Jon and Susie,
Wanted to give a report on my first real experience hunting MAHA leases properties. Myself and my dog spent 4 days in Kansas and had a great trip.
We started off on Thursday at Pratt (delete), and the dog pointed a covey of quail almost immediately after getting on the ground. Poor wing shooting resulted in no birds bagged and the covey flew off onto a neighboring private milo field. A few minutes later, my dog decided it would be a good idea to try and kill a skunk. It was quite a mess, and by the time I got him cleaned up some, it had gotten very warm. I elected not to hunt that afternoon since I only have one dog and didn’t want to wear him out when the conditions would be improving over the weekend.
Friday morning we started at a farm on (delete). We made a long push through some heavy grass cover adjoining a harvested corn field, and probably moved 8-9 pheasants. All were hens except for one rooster that the dog pointed, but it flushed out of range. We hunted a bit more before it got pretty warm, and spent the rest of the day scouting from the road to view as many farms as I could. 
I had planned to hunt the same unit again on Saturday, but after doing some scouting I decided to switch my reservation to (delete) and this proved to be a wise move. By shortly after lunchtime, Graf and I had bagged a limit of roosters. We also saw numerous hens. Windy conditions made the hunting tough but the dog handled the birds well. 
We hunted another farm on Sunday before driving home, and had another good morning. We only bagged one rooster, but probably saw 8-9 roosters and a few hens in that quick morning hunt. The roosters gave us the slip, but that’s how wild pheasant hunting goes sometimes.
Great experience on MAHA properties. I was hoping that the club properties would be “high graded” compared to the WIHA I have been hunting for the last few years, and this proved to be the case on the Units I viewed. Scouting was the most important part, as every unit had a number of farms that looked better than others for upland birds.
Very much looking forward to trips to other regions over the coming weeks. Attached are a few pictures of Graf and birds.

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