October 5, 2018 Update


Both the Middle and North Zones open November 3. We currently have more than enough water to accommodate everyone in the Middle Zone, but definitely need some more water in Linn County.


Linn County has a great stand of moist soil vegetation and shooting pools have been mowed, so conditions for food look really good.


All the wetlands in Henry and Cass County are huntable but several were drawn down a couple feet from the heat of the summer. As a result,  a lot of natural vegetation has grown along the shorelines like the photo above in Henry D. The next 5 days call for a good chance of rain, so let’s cross our fingers for mother nature to cooperate.


Duck blind work starts next weekend!

August 10, 2022 Update

Turkey Spotted these recently and was able to get a couple field shots as proof of either a late or second hatch. 3.5 Poult to

August 8, 2022 Update

Turkey Would like to tell you guys thank you for the opportunity, joining the club has been nothing but an awesome experience so far! Thank

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