September 14, 2018 Update


  Harrison B 35



A combination of CRP, crop and creek in a rugged region of north Missouri.

Hidden Farm 

 Harrison B 16


This farm hardly ever gets hunted and there is no reason it should not. It’s prime real state in the Thompson River bottoms which is big buck country. 


We changed the software to put everyone on a level playing field. The time shown on the screen is a snapshot from the server that shows the time on the server. This is the time that will be used when requesting a reservation and ensures that no one can be ahead of someone else because they are in a different time zone. Everyone should note the time and determine what their local time will be when the server reaches midnight that’s the time they can reserve the next day on the farm of their choosing. 


March 31, 2023 Update

Fishing Fishing season is here. If the roads or paths to the ponds, lakes, or pits are wet, park and walk. Ruts in the roads

March 29, 2023 Update

Upland Bird A family tradition for the past 24 years to bird hunt a week on MAHA land in Kansas.

March 24, 2023 Update

Waterfowl Attached are a few photos of our success on geese. We hunted with Cliff I – another member Thanks, JT

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