Iowa Quail Hunting

The Available Hunt

Southern Iowa private hunting land through Mid-America Hunting Association for self guided Iowa quail hunting on wild quail.

This Association of hunters is for those that can hunt on their own. Those that have their own dogs. The Association provides private hunting land access, recommendations where to hunt for first year members, and a local lodging listing. The hunter provides all else required for his hunt.

This is the average upland bird hunting, dog loving, hunter organization. Without a hunting lodge or guides, the cost to hunt is within the common man’s reach.

Iowa Hunting Season Land Location

Hunting is over grain fields edge cover created by drainage’s, fence rows, waterways and fallow ground.

A drainage cutting through a soybean field. Scenes from on day’s hunt.

Iowa Quail Hunting

How To Make A Hunt

While this is a self guided quail hunt operation we do not expect the hunter to know where to hunt. We have an online map library of all land. We also train and hunt over our own dogs. Between the on the land experience and the online map library all hunters will get to the point of where to park their truck, put out the dogs and hunt.

All hunters will have more land to hunt each day than daylight hours will allow.

All may step out of their truck onto different land each time doing so, every day of every hunt and never cross their tracks.

This is controlled pressure private land hunting so that no one mixes their dogs with others.

All will have a Plan A and a Plan B when traveling to hunt to accommodate weather, cover and change of location preferences to make a better hunt of it.

Hunters hunt on their schedule any time during the season.

If Iowa is having a bad quail year we have land in different regions and states to hunt.

Iowa Quail Hunting

Some Iowa Quail Hunting Details

Daily bag limit is 8.

Has specified or locally known as “shooting hours” from 8AM to 4:30 PM. This is after first light and before dark for most of the season.

A split ending for its upland birds. The first to end is pheasant season in early January when its seasonal upland bird license expires. Quail may continue to be hunted until January 31. This period also requires buying the next seasonal license that will carry through the next hunting season. What occurs is that most do not hunt the Bobwhite only middle to late January period. Most by this point of the three month season have walked and hunted plenty. Their intensity has waned. An additional motivational degradation is the psychological block of having to buy another license. That late season license is the same as the next year’s upland bird season license.

This time period, in our most northern of the three states of leases, typically allows for colder dog friendly weather. That along with plenty of tree covered drainage’s to block any wind makes for a higher probability of better conditions hunter comfort conditions. This may be contrasted to the big open western pheasant lands and greater probability of higher wind speeds.

Fallow ground on a slope between the crop field and fence line.

Iowa Quail Hunting

It is through acquisition of the best combination protective cover and food source hunting land that harvest pictures at the top of the page are possible. No surprise in this statement to any quail hunter. Just our coming to agreement it is hunt quality of good dog on quail action that is the goal. Not the score keeping of bag limits.