Private Land Pheasant Hunting

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

This private land pheasant hunting description was created by the traveling pheasant hunter. The one whose prior pheasant experience has been preserve hunts.


The intent is to separate the hunting this Association has from all other that is out their. In particular we want to separate ourselves from the preserve or planted pheasant hunt. In Kansas this is slightly different as the state allows “Controlled Shooting Areas”. That is the same thing as a pen raised pheasant hunt.

Location Difference Adds To Walking

The ideas offered are recognizing the difference of where wild pheasants occupy. That is their protective cover. That difference is the non-native pheasant state preserve hunt is likely to have groomed lands that simulate pheasant cover. Wild pheasant hunting is much different. The protective cover more varied, covering a larger amount of acreage.

Location just as the previous paragraph describes is the preserve pheasant is where the bird was humanly placed. Wild pheasants will be where their survival needs require. The two will not match.

Self Guided Private Land Pheasant Hunting Rather Than Guided Hunter

Hunting time is much different.

Preserve hunts are about efficiency. That is of client shot opportunity as quickly as possible after planting the pheasants. A short lag time between the two is required to prevent the pheasant’s wandering off before the hunter can see the dog work and get a shot. Wild pheasant will only wait for those that do not have the hunting skill and dog power specialized to not pressuring the pheasant off its freeze in place survival behavior.

Walking Area Is Big

Land coverage is dramatically divergent.

On a preserve hunts the land is limited as is the walking. This is for client satisfaction that comes from immediacy of reward. The pheasant was placed for the client to find. Wild hunts are only successful when the hunter seeks out the pheasant wherever it may be. The world is large. The pheasant is small. Finding the objective is for those with willingness and capability. It is never just given to the hunter.

Why We Say All Of This About Wild Pheasant Hunting

Why the difference is due that this Association attracts a sizable population of hunters whose only pheasant experience is on planted birds. Planted birds of any species. The cause of this is not poor hunters. It is due to the limited availability of wild pheasant hunting being experienced by a minority of hunters.

The purpose of all of this is to illustrate as much as we can that wild pheasant hunts are hard. To include even in the best of the pheasant states such as Kansas or Iowa.

To all self guided hunters who travel in from non-native pheasant states it is reasonable to expect little success. It is reasonable to expect that with each trip success will increase. The few that never find success are just that, a few. The odds are in favor of all that keep hunting they will have good hunts.