Biographies Of Mid-America Hunting Association Staff

Jon Nee, Association's owner, land procurer, hunter relations, overall general manager, etc. As there are only two who work the Association it takes each to do all.

A proud father of two young boys that have learned from an early age the value of sportsmanship and habitat.

Jon acquired the Association in 1981 from a group of gentlemen who started it in 1965. Jon transformed this Association from a secular group predominant quail hunting interest into a sportsman's Association which values deer, turkey, waterfowl and upland bird hunting. 

Jon is one who negotiates hunting rights to selected properties. Then manages hunting by setting gun limits in terms of habitat. While he may not always be available to talk to, he is most likely in his office supervising reservations taking final steps to insure all have a good hunt. He hunts archery deer, spring turkey, ducks and shoots over a pointer.

maha staffJohn Wenzel, he runs this web site, screens potential members, hangs signs, screens land pre and post contract. John is a multi state hunter able to give objective comparisons amongst a good two hands full of states. Or, well accustomed to the needs of the traveling hunter.

An early season deer, spring turkey, upland bird hunter over pointing dogs.

Association Hunters

We cannot forget the many members who volunteer to help cover duck blinds, pre/post screen land for contract consideration, post signs, which make this Association better than it could ever be with just the partners above.

To all these hunters where listing a hundred names would only leave yet another hundred unlisted we do remember who you are and will always be grateful.


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