Kansas Quail Hunting

The Hunting

Self guided Kansas quail hunting on private land. Season long hunting availability. We provide the land, the hunter makes his own quail hunt.

Most will agree a picture of a good hunting dog is better than a limit. This is Kelley, a field trial prospect reject. She turned into one very good hunting dog.

Kelly quail
This hunt set the stage for Kelly's quail hunting career.

Who We Are

Mid-America Hunting Association has existed since 1965 providing private Kansas hunting land wild quail from its first day of existence.

The Association hunters are entirely composed of average upland bird hunters who seek land access beyond that of public or knock-on-door.

This is a self guided hunting organization. No guides or outfitters to say where, when or how to hunt. It is for those that enjoy hunting their own dogs.

How Self Guided Kansas Hunting Trips are Made

Hunting is by telephone and/or our online reservation and map website. Reservations can be made the earliest up to 30 days in advance or the day of.

Kansas private land hunting without knocking on doors or tracking down landowners.

Once the reservations are made the hunter simply drives to the reserved Kansas land and hunts. The hunter is then responsible for the rest of his hunt.

Lodging is by local motel with a listing available on the members map and reservations website. Hunters are responsible to make their own lodging reservations.