Upland Birds

Private Land Self-Guided Upland Birds Hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa since 1965

Hundreds of miles of grain crop edge cover providing quality wild covey and singles bobwhite quail hunting. Hunters enjoy having more land to hunt each day than daylight hours available.

Large acreage and small acreage with tall CRP grass, brushy draws and crop land habitat accommodating the flushing and pointing dog hunter. With land ranging from southern Iowa, through north Missouri, east to west Kansas insures we have good bird hunting somewhere every season. All birds are wild.


Self-guided private land foot hunting organization.

Operating in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

Wild pheasant and Bobwhite quail are the primary upland bird hunting offered.

No pen raised birds, 100% natural fair chase.

All state and federal regulations apply. Licenses are supplied by the hunter.

All hunting is controlled by our online reservations system.  Each hunter will be allowed 400+ acres per day.


How We Operate

If allocated an Association position, the hunter gains access to an online map library listing all land.

Then choose a farm and make a reservation. No knocking on doors or tracking down landowners. The hunter simply goes to the ground and hunts providing his own equipment and skills.

Lodging is by local motels and a lodging listing is provided.

Missouri Upland Bird Hunting

Missouri Quail Hunting

Missouri quail hunting historically is our best quail region. Smaller fields, more edge cover and all grain field hunts. See our self guided Missouri quail hunting section.
Missouri Quail Hunting


Upland Bird Hunting Pressure

The Kansas Upland Bird Opener is by far our largest upland bird attraction.  Last season opening day of the Kansas quail and pheasant season we had 51 total upland bird hunters spread across 10’s of 1000’s of acres of prime private upland bird habitat.   

On average each hunter is allocated 400 – 500 acres m/l per day for upland bird hunting.

Below are the pressure numbers for the past 2 seasons, which includes quail, pheasant, and an occasional prairie chicken hunt in 3 states from early November until January 31. Note: Members can hunt multiple states for multiple seasons, so those members will be counted numerous times.    


2020:  135 hunter

 2019:  144 hunters


2020:  46 hunter

 2019:  43 hunters


2020:  21 hunter

 2019:  20 hunters

Member's Upland Birds Success

A Tribute to Libby

Libby and Kevin hunted in the association for 12 seasons.