Iowa Deer Lease

Iowa Deer Lease Zone 4, Zone 5

Iowa Deer Lease

Typical Iowa Habitat. A combination of crop, thick grass and timbers.

9,000+ Acres of Iowa Private Land Deer Hunting Spread Across 7 Counties

Non-resident Iowa deer tag are by draw and the draw is competitive. The application period is in May.

Iowa private land deer hunting is in south central Iowa. All in management Zone 4 and Zone 5.

Iowa deer leases are predominately grain farming, mostly corn and soybeans.

The nearest towns to M.A.H.A. leased land is Bedford, Mt. Ayr, Leon, Cordon, Red Oak & Osceola.

All hunting and scouting is controlled by our online reservation/map system to ensure each day you have a farm or spot reserved for you exclusive use.

Association Hunter Feedback - Trophy or Otherwise It Is All Good

I would also like to thank you guys for much advice over these past two years.

My first year I did hunt [location deleted]. I saw great deer but had no luck.

My second year, I drew an [location deleted] tag. I spent seven days hunting some great land in [location deleted]. I finally met another member, Bernie (from Missouri). We spent one afternoon tracking a deer he had shot but were unable to recover it. He was a really nice guy.

Anyway, during my week in [location deleted], I saw some great deer. I saw two really nice deer having one about 37 yards out from my stand.
Unfortunately, I was never able to get a shot off on him. On my second to last day, after a few days of light snow, I had a nice buck respond to my grunt call. I took a shot at 15 yards. He was by far my biggest bodied deer I have ever seen. I am guessing around 230-250 lb range. He had only seven points because of some rack damage to his right side. It looked like he may have injured his rack during its time in velvet, or sometime during early season. His left side was perfect, he had great mass. Regardless, I was happy with my trophy.

I have enclosed three pictures of my Iowa buck. His “field” shot is not great, but you can see how cold it was. My other photos have two deer. Right side deer is my [location deleted] buck. Left side is one I harvested one week before coming to [location deleted].

It was a spectacular NC deer. It is still incredible how much bigger my [location deleted] buck is than my NC buck who weighed 190 lbs. Thanks for all your help over these past two years. You guys, as well as, our hunting club are exceptional. I hope it continues over many years to come. I truly love Midwest hunting.

Association Deer Hunter Feedback

Iowa Deer LeaseEach Association hunter may hunt to his own level of trophy deer. No where ion this web site do we promote only top 10% trophy deer hunting. We all should recognize trophy whitetail’s are challenging to a point most will have tags in pocket after most hunts.

Jon, John, & Shaun,

Bow season isn’t over yet, but its best of this year is more than likely behind us. Any time I spent in [deleted] this season was outstanding. To watch bucks I normally only see in magazines or on television doing their thing near my stands was a surreal experience.

I’m very pleased to have harvested the animal pictured. But, as it always seems to go when bow hunting, I saw a couple which were bigger. If only they had come a little closer.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take time to say thanks at providing much opportunity to a bow hunting addict to get his fix. Any success we have is partly due to Mid America’s efforts to provide quality habitat to hunt or fish. Time off from work is a precious thing, I’d much rather spend it in stand as opposed to knocking on doors just trying to find an opportunity to get there. It’s a neat thing our buying power as a group allows us access to big leases none of us could achieve alone. Thanks for making such good use of our resources. It is much appreciated.