Kansas Firearms Deer Hunting Season

Private Land Self Guided Hunts where each hunter has a choice of places to hunt. The hunter chooses when to hunt during the season and may hunt all of it.

About Kansas Gun Season

No big surprises about Kansas firearms deer hunting. It is for the modern rifle hunter or the muzzleloader.

With a combination of open and closed in terrain the firearms hunter will find Kansas provides both short and long range shooting.

More Places For Firearms Than Archery

The Firearms hunter finds that more of Kansas becomes available. There are large areas where the lack of trees will make bow hunting a very tough prospect. Meaning less pressure on the land prior to firearms season.

Essentially, the firearms hunter has all of the Association Kansas deer leases to pick from where to hunt. The bow hunter will be recommended to more limited in scope specific closed in wooded terrain.

Kansas Deer Hunting Success - Muzzleloader Season

Early season muzzleloader hunting on the Kansas Firearms Whitetail Any Sex Tag. This tag also allows return during the modern rifle season with a high power smokeless rifle. Unless of course tagging out during the September muzzleloader portion of that tag.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Kansas Deer Hunting Long Range Shooting

For those that do rifle hunt there are choices.

The rifle hunter with a good variable scope has the watershed country of wooded creek bottoms cutting through crop fields connecting small wood patches where ranges down to 10 yards are possible.

The same hunter may travel to other regions where not more than one tree stand is part of the packing list. More valuable will be a good pair of walking boots and development of patience to glass before moving more than several feet. In this Kansas open country being able to judge range and shoot long are valued skills.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Tags, Draw and Buy

The Kansas firearms tag is by the regular draw or as a purchased over the counter leftover tag after the draw.

The easy approach is to apply for Kansas and elsewhere each year. Then simply hunt where successfully drawn.

The next approach is to manipulate preference points. By purchase of points without putting in for the draw tag the hunter can increase his scheduling preferences of when to hunt. 

For the first year Kansas rifle deer hunter the choice is not hard. It is along the lines of tree stand or still/spot and stalk hunting.

Many enjoy the added adventure of getting away from the tree stand and walk up deer in the big open.

Or, enjoy a combination of stand and still hunting. Gaining the best of both approaches. As a self guided hunter organization there will not be anyone to tell you how to make your hunt. The hunter gains that satisfaction.

Kansas Deer Hunting