Corporate Memberships

No corporate or group memberships are offered through Mid-America Hunting Association. All apply/accepted as individuals.

Kansas deer hunter with an archery harvest.


Each hunter joins as an individual. Each is accountable for his own actions.

wild pheasant hunting in Kansas

Wild pheasant hunting does not mean limits every day.

We will allow those who want to pay for their membership with company checks to do so. However, the name on any membership will be an individual we interviewed.

We do allow for current members to pay for another individual's membership. An example would be a father purchasing one for his son. Or, a business partner for another. A hunter purchasing such a membership for another will be that person's sponsor. This means a sponsoring member will forever have his name tagged to whom he sponsors. Benefits and consequences include those who sponsor good hunters retain that privilege.

Consequences of sponsorship include if a person sponsored conducts a rules violation his sponsor will indefinitely loose his privilege of sponsoring any other.

Misosuri duck hunting the early seson with a wirehair

Joseph's pup's first hunt retrieves. Congratulations

Days to remember

From Dave who travels far to hunt. A day to remember.


Day hunts
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