Membership Application Process

Membership Application Process

Mid-America Hunting Association Membership application process is simple and quick.

We are selective with who it we work with. The Association has never been in a position of simply issuing memberships to any who have an ability to pay.

Sponsored Applicants

Membership Application Process Bass PictureA sponsored applicant is one a current Association hunter recommends for membership.

Sponsored applicants do receive preferential acceptance.

A liability is attached to the original member. That liability is any who he sponsors are forever tagged to him. If bringing in good folks his sponsorship privilege is retained. If sponsoring folks who fail to comply to Association Conditions Of membership the original member loses his sponsor privilege.



Non Sponsored Applicants

Applicants without sponsorship. Or, those who do not know another Association hunter.

DuckThose who do not know anyone in our Association who would like to become a member will be interviewed by telephone. Our interview is simple. It is a review of Association rules for an applicant’s primary and secondary hunting. That will first insure as best we can no surprises later. It is also a check to see if hunter and Association are a fit. If that is agreeable then it is payment, sending in a completed membership agreement.

The Association then responds with membership identification card, vehicle identification to display when parked on Association hunting leases and a welcome letter. The welcome letter will tell how to access online hunting land map library/reservations. At the point a new Association hunter is able to access our online maps that is when to contact one of the two Jo(h)ns. That conversation will start scouting or hunt planning by targeting new hunters to regional locality and individual lease where he is most likely to find a satisfying hunting experience.

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To Further an Applicants Leisure Time Research About The Association

First, review this web site.

Then, review cost, our rules as well as membership agreement and liability form. Our intent is for all to be as informed as possible so there are not any surprises later.


We have more land available to each hunter than any hunter could hunt. No one hunter is paying for all our land. Membership costs are based on average usage.

On Acceptance

Once the hunter receives his membership material he simply marks his calendar for when he wants to scout, hunt or fish. Makes an online or telephone reservation for any days he wants to be in field, then goes and has a good time.


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