Hunting Success Ratios As A Quality Measure

Hunting success rates.A good question with a bad answer.

Association applicants frequently request what our hunter success ratio. It is an unfair question not reflective of the self guided hunter organization.

Remembering this is a do it yourself hunter organization. As a self guided our success ratio calculation is impossible to determine as we are not at point of harvest. We are reliant on other evaluation means. The most obvious being our return hunter strength. Which is good.

Steve out Iowa turkey hunting overlapping with Missouri.


Mid-America Hunting Association does not create what does not exist. What MAHA does do is provide private land within a region of historic production with cover to support game production. MAHA does not propagate birds or selectively breed whitetail. MAHA does not create shooting ability, willingness to hunt, dog power or special field skills in any hunter. Any success attained beyond the quality aspect of our land is by means of a hunter.

success ratiosNot Possible To Compare A Self Guided Organization To A Guide Service

Success ratios are often a question found in magazine articles on how to evaluate guide services.

A simple criteria comparison includes a guided hunt with clients paying for a guide's skill and direction of where, when, how to hunt. Clients are betting a guide is the better hunter between the two of them. A guide's success ratio comes from his ability to locate game on a regular bases. It is also a measure how effective a guide is at getting a clients follow orders. All the client must be able to do is shoot. All of his other needs are taken care of by the guide.

Mid-America Hunting Association success ratio is entirely depended upon the do it yourself hunter/member's hunting skill and his alone. A big difference and a criteria we screen for. We lease for habitat in regions of the states that have historic production. After that it is up to the hunter to achieve his own success. That means the hunter must adapt to new terrain, weather different than his own neighborhood and have shooting skill. Sometimes even the best of all does fail.

Early season Missouri duck hunting with a limit of mallards.

One Proof Mode

All the photos shown on this web site are from those who first take time to take a picture then send it in to us. We are sure these photos only represent a fraction of total harvest our members secure every year.

Further example are deer hunters. A second significant difference between our approach and a guide services is a guide services frequently process through their outfit new hunters each season. Their success ratio is measured primarily on one time hunter experiences. In our Association our hunters hunt with us for years. Doing so as they had or believe their potential for success is better than other options.

Traveling Kansas quail hunter showing less than desired results.

Carl. Real hunting does not mean limits each day.

Carl is a senior hunter having done so for more years than most have been alive. He hunts by his admission 3 hours a day. One covey per day is his good day.


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