Hunting and scoutingScouting is encouraged. It requires a reservation.

All scouting is on foot. No scouting from ATVs, trucks, horses or any other conveyance. Glassing from vehicles on public roads is permissible. Spotlighting or shinning is not - landowner relations at point. Even if allowed by state regulations.

Scouting may be prohibited from properties with a future existing hunting reservation.

Example. During spring turkey season scouting is prohibited on our prime turkey spots. Intent is to not pressure birds. Same is true for our prime whitetail properties during deer season if already having a hunting reservation.

Heath one more Iowa season deer hunting.

Heath with one more.

Trail cameras may be posted and left at the hunter's risk. Posting and retrieval of game cameras requires a reservation. If wanting to post trail cameras during deer season they may only be posted on land a hunter is hunting. Understand the intent. During seasons we do not want folks applying pressure on one spot hunting while moving camera's on two others. Save any extra movement for preseason scouting. Once the season is our entire focus is on hunt execution quality. That alone. Put your cameras away.

Turkey and deer scouting pays off.


Alex showing some deer hunting success from Missouri.

Alex, one of several.

early season ducks

Early season ducks.

Perfect day

A perfect day for Matt who enjoys his hunt, not killing.


Deer Scouting
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