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Any Association hunter in good standing may sponsor into his Association another.

A current member by sponsoring another is acting as a character reference for an applicant. Current member also agrees he has shared the Association Conditions Of Membership with his friend.

Our conditions of membership have immutable regulations. There also does exist such "spirit of intent" which defies specific definition. These areas are within concept of sportsmanship. We all have an idea of what sportsmanship is. We all can have different definitions of it. The Association has its common understanding of sportsmanship. Or, behaving as ladies and gentlemen in all things regarding hunting regulations, Association staff, landowners, wildlife, other hunters, or land.

Special field days with your best hunting partner.Benefits To Sponsorship

Benefits to sponsorship include it is the only method by which membership candidates may bypass any waiting list. If the Association has reached any of its caps however, sponsorship does not guarantee openings will exist.

Liabilities To Those Sponsoring

Liabilities of sponsorship include the current member's name will be forever tagged to the new member. Sponsor's must ensure their candidate understands the Association rules and its do it yourself hunts system. 

Should a new member conduct actions in contravention to Mid-America Hunting Association rules the sponsoring member will lose his privilege of sponsoring any future hunters.


One of our enhance natural wetlands. The enhanced part is this shooting pool in front of a blind, retained by levee, flooded from a river on the other side of the trees.

Not Required

Sponsorship is not required for entry into the Association. Association candidates maybe be accepted through our regular interview and acceptance process.

Some interpret our gate keeping as a sales ploy. There is on average 20+ folks each year we turn away. Not due to any nefarious actions on our part. It is rather we have the time in service over decades to know who will be successful within our approach and who will not be. We only seek to avoid conflicts when rejecting an application.

Always feel free to call to talk about our Association. We are always willing to talk to all. Including those who do not know any one in the Association. Our number to call is at the bottom of each web page.

Archery deer season success.


Landon on a Missouri turkey hunting trip over spring season.


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