Pre-Membership Land Tours

Absolutely not.

Missouri waterfowl during the regular seaosn.Integrity

Integrity of our Association is to its fully paid membership. Only they have access to land they have paid for.

Hunt Execution Quality

Non-member tours would be pressure alone. No enhancement at all to hunt execution quality. A prime objective of this organization.

We are not as a shoe store where it is normal to check for fit before buying. The shoe in such a case can be put back on the shelf. Not so with pressure applied to land. Once applied it cannot be removed. If that difference is not clear end any further research into this organization.


Such a question is a foolish one.

The Association has many tens of thousands of acres of land. Just what part of it would be for a tour?

If we did offer tours it could easily be a bait and switch play like some landowners attempt with us. Any hunting club that did tour prospective members would likely show only best, not average quality land. Over time these prospect would over pressure that very best land wanting what they thought they bought into. That land would then become worthless. Other less than best looking land that is productive would not attract these hunters. All in all a losing method of operation guaranteed to result in high membership turnover.

Spring turkey season Landon with a tom.

Landon above. TJ below. Youth hunters growing up under dad's mentorship within Mid-America Hunting Association. A rare hunter organizations that actually encourages, develops and results in youth hunters becoming adult hunters.

goose season on a farm pond.Not All Get To Hunt

Mid-America Hunting Association membership is by two means.

The first is by being sponsored into the Association by an existing Association hunter.

The second method is by application.

The bottom line is not all that have the ability to pay are allocated a membership. We have been in this business a long time. They are hunters. They know full well from experience hunters who will be successful within this self guided private land hunting approach. Within that segment there are hunters who would detract or enhance the Association. That further limits to whom a membership is allocated to.

Mike's pheasant hunting team in Kansas on one more of many hunts.

Mike on one of his many hunts.

Not Arrogance, An Understanding Of How The World Is Rather Than The Way Some Want It To Be

whitetail deer bow hunterWe have had feedback this page expresses an attitude that is offensive to some. We have had other express they may not be skilled or good enough for this "hunting club". We do not want to project an arrogant tone. It is however our intent to filter out all those who call with an idea we exist to meet all their desires alone. The response is simple.

We have continuously existed as a small business since 1965. That includes surviving transition from the original four founders who are all gone now to two long term current partners. Over time the organization has experienced rules changes, economic ups and downs, many different hunters, business competition that developed over the years and are all gone now plus more. The organization that exists and how it operates has been refined through learning what works and what does not. Tours fall into a category of what never has worked and for many years now not been allowed.

We greatly appreciate many courtesies Association hunters extend back to us in form of pictures and hunting accounts. We believe we should be as nice to others that are nice to all the rest of us.

Late missouri goose season on a crop stubble hunt miles away from water.

Miles away from water or any refuge. Missouri goose hunting, late season.

All should feel free to give us a call and discuss their hunting ambitions. It may be we can work together. If we can, most who do say they have not found a better option. Otherwise, they would have taken it rather than Mid-America Hunting Association.


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