Dear Jon and John,
Sorry I took so long to get these pictures, but the holiday season takes up a lot of time as you well know, especially with little ones at home. As you will see, I have attached three pictures of the 12-point buck that was taken on opening day of the [location deleted] Season. This buck weighed was a lot bigger than the ones that we get in Florida as he weighed 220 pounds dressed. Quite a bruiser by Florida standards or anywhere else for that matter.

Stephen and I have been members of MAHA for five years now and although not every deer season has produced as big a buck as this one, all years have been very successful with very nice bucks and doe to show for our efforts of driving from Florida to [location deleted]. Both Stephen and I appreciate all the effort both you and John and all the staff at MAHA put into making our hunts VERY productive. I know that whenever I call, it is a busy time of year for your whole staff, but they are always very pleasant and take the time to answer all of my questions.

Stephen and I both look forward to many more successful years at MAHA. Best wishes to you and everyone at MAHA for the New Year.

Good and Safe Hunting, Bill


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