Hi guys.
I'm a third year member from Pennsylvania and wanted to let you know how my hunt in [location deleted] went last fall. My hunting partner and I hunted in [location deleted] County and had an excellent week. The property we hunted was awesome; remote, great cover, excellent travel corridors and lots of deer. We hunted dawn till dusk everyday and both saw multiple bucks each day in spite of not hitting the peak of the rut. We each got an opportunity at a good buck and I'm happy to report taking my first P&Y whitetail, a 135" net /143" gross bruiser that allowed me to achieve my personal goal of harvesting a P&Y whitetail within 5 years of joining the club. We've now bow hunted club property in all three states and are anxious to start the cycle again, building on the knowledge gained over the past 3 seasons. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't have good field photos of my buck to share but I am attaching a couple of the mount I got back last week.

In closing, I wanted to complement you on the properties you've secured for the membership and the great website you maintain to educate new members. I think I've read every update since I've been a member as well as all the tips you have on deer hunting in the Midwest. I particularly enjoy the photos from your land runs, it's always nice to see the new properties we have to hunt and the game you spot while in the field. Thanks again for allowing me to be a member of such a great organization.


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