To MAHA staff, I have been an association member for two years now. I have logged many miles for a total of 5 trips to the Midwest from both Vancouver WA and more recently from Alabama where I now reside. 1700 and 900 miles one way respectively! Given those long solo deer trips, I would like to say that the outstanding quality of MAHA deer leases makes it all worthwhile. It is everything I could have expected for Midwest deer hunting opportunities and more. The turkey hunting is unreal. I saw more than 10 gobblers each on the very first 2 tracts I set foot on. Being a selective deer hunter who is only looking for a quality deer, I am very excited with the amount of deer seen and the prospects for big bucks. In four trips, I passed on numerous bucks on several tracts before taking this mid 140’s class ten point on my most recent trip. Not as big as I’d hoped for, but a quality shooter nonetheless that raises the bar for the future.

The first three trips I didn’t come home with a deer, but to me that’s not the definition of success. It’s not the taking of game but the memories of the deer hunt that stick with you. Like a brief glimpse over your shoulder of a fleeing trophy racked buck that keeps you back in that tree for the next three days straight! Or the numerous sightings of the same marginal shooter chasing doe that tempts you many times over several days but you still hold out for a bigger one and go home empty. Those images are burned into your memory forever and that’s what it’s really all about. It’s what keeps us going back year after year. For me, combining some deer scouting work, strategic placement of stands, and helpful advice from the excellent staff at MAHA gives me everything I need to have a successful Midwest outdoor deer hunting experience time and again. I can attest that Shaun has infinite patience with reservations. Also thanks Jon Nee for advice and a sincere congratulatory phone call. Long after the dues are collected, getting a call from a GM who manages more than 850 members and hundreds of land leases is extraordinary. That kind of relationship is a testament to the character of your organization and much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff


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