Dear John and John, As first year members we couldn't be more happy with the way are hunts went in [locations deleted]. Your recommendations were right on the money. The bad rain storm limited us to about 2 1/2 days of great hunting in [location deleted], my father saw 17 bucks four were shooter bucks but their racks were smashed up from fighting so he elected to pass on them. Artie saw a good share bucks to and he took a decent 9 point. My hunt was over opening day about 4:00pm. I was in a great spot and based on what i had seen scouting i thought it might be over sooner but i didn't know about 30 turkeys picked the same tree i did and you can imagine how that went down. But i ended up passing on a small 8 point and taking a nice 8 point. Then it was off to [location deleted] where we had some great action. We all passed on smaller bucks and seen a ton of doe. The shooters my father and artie saw they couldn't get clean shots at. I ended up putting a decent shot on a great buck at dusk but didn't want to push him so we went after him the next day and got him, he is a main framed 8 point with stickers all over. We were totally impressed with all the farms and there quality. When we had any questions you guys were there to answer them and we couldn't be more grateful. Looking forward to being members for life. Thank You Joe

The next season.

... Thanks for another great year mid america ....


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