John, Just wanted to drop you an email ref. my [location deleted] '08 hunt. It was a long one. As you know, I drew a Mule Deer Permit (muzzleloader only). I hunted in [location deleted] for the big muley that you described in some of our emails. It took me 2.5 days to finally find what may have been him. I spotted him across the fence on other property probably 500 to 600 yards away. Unfortunately, his right antler was completely missing. His left side was quite big but he must have been a real fighter this November. It was truly disheartening since [location deleted] does not have tons of muleys. I saw only one other small mule deer. I held out almost too long for a muley. I passed on some decent whitetails until the last night of my 6 day hunt. I gave it everything but came up short on a mule deer. However, after pushing and passing a few really nice whitetail bucks, I finally let the Thompson Center Omega go to work. I spotted a decent 8 point on the property I was hunting and low crawled into his bed. I low crawled about 185 yards and it took forever. I knew he wasn't the buck I was going to spend my valuable tag on, but I was hoping he would attract another buck because there were does in the area. During my low crawl I spotted a second buck bedded around a cedar tree. He was broken up pretty bad but I was excited about seeing another buck. After getting to a good location, with the wind in my advantage, and good cover to move a little, I held up and waited. As it turned out, the 8 point that I low crawled to, was in fact with a second buck. I listened, though I could not quite see, as they often sparred. I could hear there antlers bang around but it never seemed like a true fight. After some time I saw the second buck that the 8 point was sparring. It was a huge 6 point that I believed had some mule deer genes. It had more of a whitetail head, but the antlers favored that of a mule deer. It was very tempting at about 55 yards but I wanted a pure mule deer or a big whitetail, so I continued to pass. As the afternoon dwindled away, the does and all the bucks but the broken up buck headed toward the crop fields. I continued to watch the broken buck feed in front of me about 100 yards out. At about 4:50 PM, I noticed a buck come up out of a draw and start towards the broken buck. I was facing into the setting sun so I had quite a bit of glare but I could tell the rack was big. I decided that this was going to be my buck, since I was out of time. At 86 yards the Thompson Center made quick work. When I got to the buck, I was amazed. He is about the widest buck I have ever seen, even on t.v. He was also broken up pretty bad much like most of the aggressive deer during this time of the year. His G-4 on his right side was broken as was his forked brow tine. His G-2 and G-4 on the left were also broken pretty bad. I was still really excited. I measured him and he was 23 3/8 inside and just over 25 outside. I took him to a super taxidermist in Salina. We both studied the rack for some time and decided to repair the broken tines. I know some people will not believe in doing that but he is and was a great buck and deserves to be repaired. We are staying very conservative on the size of the broken tines. The taxidermist has 23 years of experience and is also a measurer and he had what I would consider a very good educated guess. No less, the buck is a great trophy. Again, I thank you and MAHA for what you have given me the past 4 years. It is hard work and it is tough to harvest a Boone and Crocket unguided. I am getting closer every year and hopefully will reach that magic 170 inch number. Keep up the great work and PLEASE keep looking for the great whitetail properties, I know they are tough to find and expensive. Attached are a couple of pics of the deer. Happy Holidays to you and your family. John


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