Locked Bucks

Locked Bucks


It's a very rare opportunity for a deer hunter to encounter locked bucks alive during the hunting season with a tag in hand. Over the past 13 years, this was our second and third member that was fortunate enough to harvest a mature buck on Association land with their antlers locked up from fighting.

hunting season

What was unique about this hunt was the two hunters personally witnessed a fight that ended up in a deadlock and both deer were harvested by bow. This was definitely an action packed hunt of a lifetime for the two members, especially the job of loading them into the truck!

Reggie White bucks locked. Thirteen years ago, a member on his first Association hunt harvested one of the two bucks that was alive and locked to the other buck that freshly expired due to fatigue. He was granted permission from the game warden to take both of the deer.

Steve Blazer. Two Association upland bird hunters came across two bucks that were locked up from fighting. They called the game warden and he showed up to assist them. One of the bucks ended up killing the other, but they were able to free the second and he was able to run off alive.

Doug Melton ice deer. An Association landowner was working his land and found these two bucks locked up from fighting in an ice storm. He also called the game warden for assistance. The game warden showed up and shot off an antler with a shotgun to separate the two deer. It worked and they both ran off. The next day, the landowner saw the deer with the shot off antler while checking cattle and it was in good shape.


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