John, Well the monkey is finally off my back. After years of passing up 120 class bucks, I decided to finally close the book on going home empty handed. Thanks to both Johns for all your help with recommendations, returned calls, updates, etc. The club is a great organization with access to some great mid-western ground. Again, thanks you for your diligence in obtaining all the property we have access to. As strictly a whitetail hunter, it is my objective each year to harvest a wall-hanger. I have been a member since 1999 and every year with the exception of one, I have had that chance (at 140 class up, get to see a boonie most years). It just seems something always happens to help toward my lack of success especially since picking up the bow. Low shots, branches, I know you've heard the stories. There are some real fine bucks still walking thanks to me. Anyway, we'll keep trying w/the bow. The pix are of [name deleted] and my bucks from [location deleted] w/rifle in 2 days hunting. Back east my best buck has been ~125 B&C in 25 years of hunting. As mentioned earlier, I pass on bucks this size every year now because I know I'll get a shot on a deer exceeding this usually in 1 week's hunt in MAHA. We do love the mid-west, and hope to continue to keep coming for life. Thanks again to everyone, Phil


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