Jon & Shaun,
I'm sending pictures of my [location deleted] deer hunts, (a little late but I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery 6 days after rifle season - I had it planned that way).

I had another good year on MAHA land - 2 deer in [location deleted] and 2 deer [location deleted] & 2 turkeys in [location deleted]. I might add that I bow hunt and turkey hunt on land close to home.

I sent pictures earlier of [location deleted] turkey hunt - which was great and almost too easy. Deer season was a different story. I hunted many long hard days and several different properties to get the two nice bucks. In [location deleted] I shot the 9 pt the last day of the season (11th day) I also shot adoe earlier in season. In [location deleted] I shot the 10 pt on next to the last day (11th day of the hunt) I hunted 8-9 hours a day and didn't see many bucks. Also, shot a doe in [location deleted].

So this year I really had to earn my bucks & the coincidental thing is both were shot on the 11th day of the hunt ([location deleted] buck on Dec 11), both at 7:20 AM and both at 15 yds.

If it were not for the fact that I was able to move to different properties, I probably would have come home empty handed and this is something I really like about this club.

Thank you very much for another enjoyable and successful season.

Sincerely, Roger

P.S. - The 9 pt. [location deleted] buck was the heaviest (weight) deer I've ever killed - field dressed over 200 lbs.


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