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Hello to all at MAHA,
Jon and Shaun it was really nice to meet you two the other day. It is good to finally put a real person with a familiar voice! We would like to extend a big thank you to all of you for the excellent job you do in securing great places to deer hunt. Attached are some photos of our recent deer hunt. From the smiling faces it is obvious we had a great time. [name deleted] is a first year member and I think he has been spoiled. This was the first time the three of us have deer hunted together on MAHA property. I think it will be hard to top.

Now the important stuff: First of all we made reservations to deer hunt several days after the rush for opening day of deer season and we still found plenty of good farms available to deer hunt. We took all three bucks before 10:00am opening day and while doe hunting the next day on the same farm we spotted another buck that was a good shooter. We also took two doe so we will have plenty of deer sausage this winter. There was barely room in the truck for all the deer! That is a good problem to have.

The deer information: In the photo of all three of us, left to right, 8 point with broken left brow tine and a small sticker off right G2. This is the biggest deer of the trip, he weighed 205 lbs and gross scores 141ā€ Taken at a whopping 15 yards (thank goodness for long range capabilities) not a bad if I do say so myself!!!!!!

6x4 non-typical. A main frame 8 point with two right brow tines and a nine inch non-typical point between G2 and G3. There are also three points over one inch at the bases for a total of 13. This deer gross scores 148 7/8ā€ and was shot at 176 yards. Another little brother with a deer bigger than mine!! I actually had this deer get past me right after first light, not fast enough on the trigger I guess. Next 5x5 with split right brow tine and two other points off the base for a total of 13. My deer scores 131ā€ the smallest of the three!!! He does have almost palmated main beams. I shot him at 45 yards, again the 300mag with10x scope really performed well.

deer cartThe picture with the deer cart with both of our deer on it is to show that the 275lb rating is legitimate. ( I saw on a previous update note about a member having his deer cart broken by one deer. Either one huge deer, he was driving to fast, or his cart was faulty!!!!!!!!!!!)

I shot my deer at 7:15am, my borother shot his at 9:00am, and my other brother shot his at 9:45am. He had actually left his deer stand to run off a trespasser and he came over to see my deer when he spotted a buck headed our way. The deer bedded down within sight but presented no shot, so we sat and watched it for nearly two hours before it stood up for a shot. It took some calling to finally get the deer up and he made the shot. We had a great time and also took some good deer, Iā€™m already looking forward to turkey season!!!!

turkey season

deer huntJon and John,
Here are some photos of our deer hunt.

Jeremy and I hunted [location deleted] for a week then we met up with Nick and his wife Becca for the [location deleted] opener. We saw lots of deer in [location deleted] and several good bucks including one true giant. I did manage to get a nice 10 point in [location deleted]. Not the biggest deer I saw but he is my personal best with a bow and my first Pope & Young buck so I am very happy with him.

bowWe were a little early for the best rut activity but we still saw some action. The corn was still standing in the area we were hunting so deer sightings were lower and several days it was very windy but we knew there were deer in the area from all the sign. I set up in a willow thicket where several edges came together in a corn field and arrowed this buck right at last light just as the wind laid down after almost literally getting blown out of my stand earlier in the day. Several hunters back at the hotel had stayed in due to the wind, glad I didn't!!!! I doe hunted and scouted for the rest of the week after shooting my buck. I could not seem to get close to a doe to save my life but I did see some good bucks! I found one good looking area and helped Jeremy hang a stand after dark one evening. The next morning he had a monster come by but it was almost too close and in thick cover.

deerLike big deer seem to do his sixth sense kicked in and he was able to slip away untouched. I think he heard Jeremy draw. Jeremy did not shoot anything on this trip but he might make a late season hunt.

We were in [location deleted] opener and I shot the 8 point Saturday. We did not see as many deer as last year but our group was 3 for 6 by noon on opening day and ended up 5 for 6 for the season in [location deleted]. Jeremy was again without a deer but don't feel to sorry for him because he shot a 12 point with a drop tine the next weekend here in Arkansas!!!!

huntingWe had a great time and we came home with some nice deer. As always it was over to soon but there is always turkey season to look forward to. Meanwhile I will be out after the ducks and deer here around home.

Good Hunting and Happy Holidays.

For the rest of the readers unaware of this group, they are one of three groups of traveling self guided deer hunters we presented last season as examples of success beyond reasonable expectations with both eyes and tag on success. They have broken the mold and done it again. Congratulations on a personal best P&Y and the well above average success rate on such short hunts for any group. Thank you for taking the effort to share with all a better read than any CNN news report.

Hi John,
Nov. 1 and 2 was a busy weekend. The first 3 farms I tried to make reservations for were full so I went for spot # 4. It turned out to be a good idea. Deer were moving all weekend on account of the weather and the bird hunters. Saturday morning 7 does made their way past by 10:30 am but no bucks. The afternoon was nothing but bucks, just no big boys. Their was one coyote at dark that made a fatal mistake to stop at 20 yds. Sunday morning was more of the same. Bucks everywhere, two were checking scrapes just out of range then the does started filtering by. About 9:00 am a very big buck cruised by at 40 yds but just didn't present a shot. My guess was he had been bumped by bird hunters. I moved closer to the scrapes in the afternoon and just before dark a buck appeared on the edge of the milo field where he freshened a scraped then turned into the timber strait to the scrape I was hunting near. He freshened it and turned to head back out to the field edge, as he stopped just in front of the creek my arrow zipped through both lungs putting him down within 50 yds. As luck would have it he made it back to the field edge where I could get my deer cart to him with ease.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who works so very hard at MAHA to find and lease quality land to hunt. As I said before, the property I hunted this weekend was my fourth choice, but obviously not a bad one.

Thanks and good hunting, Nick


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