Another season when all Steve had available due to his work schedule was to hunt October.

...One morning I woke up excited to get in the stand as from the same area the day before I had seen fourteen different bucks but it was raining fairly hard so I used the morning to glass and scout. The rain really got me pumped as I knew the deer would be on their feet the minute it quit raining. I watched the radar close and went in at 9:15 am...I sneaked up to the base of my tree grab the decoy and set it out. Tying the bow on my rope I started climbing up and was only half way up when I heard a grunt and turned too see a good buck walking up to the decoy. I got up in the stand and turned by back to the buck pulled up my bow and nocked a arrow then coming to full draw I turned around to see the buck pawing the ground ready to charge the decoy. With my heart pumping like crazy I took aim and missed. The buck ran out to 42 yards and I grunted him with my voice and he stopped broadside and I was able to get a solid hit on him.

Setting there for an hour I couldn't believe what had just happened I knew he had a wide frame and looked heavy. After getting down I found him only 60 yards away. He was an old mature deer that had seen his share of battles with heavy beams and a 20 inch spread he was everything I could possibly hope for.

What a place to hunt over there with great habitat and lots of choices on places to hunt, thanks to MAHA and all your staff for giving its members such opportunities.

The picture of the buck with a doe isn't very good quality but zoom in on the buck he was HUUUUGE. I hunted hard over there and was able to see him on 3 different occasions and had him 200 yds and closing but ran out of daylight. Maybe next year.


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