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Kansas bow deer season begins Late September running through the end of December.

It is bow season during peak rut and before the firearms season.

Each bow hunter will be able to hunt more than one farm

Kansas Deer Hunting Management Units Bow Friendly and Not

We never oversell our bow hunting. We post all harvest pictures, not just the top 10%.


Not all of Kansas deer units where we have hunting lease land are well suited for the bow hunter. Units 8 9 10 11 are the most bow friendly. Kansas deer management units 3 7 16 and 17 where the Association has private land are bow challenging, open lands, few trees.

All Mid-America Hunting Association hunters may hunt where they chose. We provide recommendations based on our boots on the ground experience. That will be to where the better bow huntable habitat and better Kansas trophy production has been demonstrated.

Only on private land leased by the Association.

Hunt Buck Of Choice By Covering Ground

Each hunter should come prepared to hunt from multiple stands and leases. Each bow hunter will have more land to hunt than time. He may adjust as late as the day of the hunt of where to hunt.

Private Land Coverage

It is common for the bow hunter to scout the most lease land than gun hunters. Most cover 2,000 acres+ between spring turkey, scouting and fall deer hunts. While the bow hunter does scout the most of all deer hunters, the bow hunter actually hunts the fewest farms. It is common for the bow hunter to concentrate his efforts on two to three primary spots. He will also have typically two alternate deer leases as back up.

The bow hunter has further distinct characteristics. He is the one most likely to change reservations. Second, waits for the last read on the weather forecast before deciding where to hunt.


Average work-a-day deer hunters. They seek land access for good hunting experiences. Each may harvest the buck of their choice. Many on this web site are showing the best buck of their bow hunting career.


Traveling Bow Hunters

Traveling bow hunters typically scout during spring turkey season. They also commonly hang stands just before their hunt or during the hunt.

The traveling hunter will hunt harder than others. Most are split between those that hunt one week per season and those that make two, one week trips. Most of the two week a season hunters hunt two of the Association three states.


Hunter Pressure

Many perceive the local hunter as spending or at least having more available time to scout and hunt.

Local hunters on average spend 4 days per month in the field and a longer weekend during preferred portions of the season. While the non-resident more likely takes a dedicated vacation week to hunt. The local hunter has local distractions of family, house and other activities that make it more difficult to dedicate an entire week to deer hunting. The local hunter further hunts two or more states per year.

Travis - again.

Bow Season = Peak Rut

Kansas archery deer season is contiguous except for the 12 day modern rifle season. The key consideration is that Kansas bow season is during peak rut.

Kansas Deer Hunting is Good and Getting Better

In spite of all the possible manipulation of tag draws and selecting where to hunt, Kansas will always remain at the top of the list. The primary reason for this is the lack of year round human residents allowing plenty of area for deer to grow. Kansas seems bound to this glide path as rural Kansas continues to lose residents to the larger cities and outside of the state itself.

Kansas state Department of Wildlife and Parks recognizes this declining resident population with its shift of making more non-resident tags available. The Department of Wildlife and Parks sees the non-resident hunter as backfill for the declining population of resident hunters.

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