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Kansas Mule Deer open lands hunting. Pictured below is a panoramic picture of Mule Deer and the Kansas habitat they occupy. They are to the right of the silver oil storage tank. The next picture down is an enlargement showing the Mule Deer.

open land

kansas hunting

Grainy hunter pictures on actual Association hunting land are more valued than stock Mule Deer pictures.


Whitetail Is King

Overall, in Kansas the Whitetail Deer is king and the Mule Deer gets second billing.

The limited number of Kansas Mule Deer tags is only part of the story of why this is the way it is. The other influence is that the Whitetail Deer's greater following across the entire united States and represented in the over 46% the Association total membership that comes from outside of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa with non-resident deer hunters seeking Whitetail Deer over 60% of the deer hunter/members. These deer hunters want trophy Whitetail Deer as that is what they are familiar with, it is what Kansas is well known for and what they measure their deer hunting skill against.

Another influence is that the Whitetail over the Mule Deer is the trophy whitetail is a far tougher animal to hunt and many times more leery of a hunter's encroachment. Contrasting to the whitetail is that it is common for Kansas Mule Deer spooked by bird hunters to stop and watch the bird hunter and his dog especially when beeper collars are employed or if a bird is shot. Many bird hunters have observed the Mule Deer simply stop easily within rifle range and stand motionless watching the bird hunt. Whitetail Deer in the same conditions would have let out for the county line leaving only the memory of their tail to the hunter.


For those lucky enough to draw a Kansas Mule Deer tag we will encourage they pre-season scout every bit of land we recommend to them and hunt both the September and December muzzleloader or the archery season if they draw ether one of the available non-resident Mule Deer tag.

The final bit of advice is not to shoot too quick as the average Mule Deer rack compared to a good whitetail rack looks huge. We have occasional 6x6 Mule Deer with mature 4x4's seen each season. Any self guided deer hunters that have the time to deer scout and hunt hard will create their own opportunity to hunt some very nice Mule Deer, we provide the deer lease resource and local observations. A big first step.

Open Plains Kansas Mule Deer Hunting

Do not discount this picture just because it is a doe. It's value is the Kansas habitat it demonstrates.

Kansas Mule Deer hunting open Kansas lands

The best our pocket camera could do at this range.

Just to give an idea of what some of our Mule Deer habitat looks like. A 300+ yard shot may well present itself. If the doe is here then the buck will be as well.

Mule Deer Habitat

Shooting stick, a good idea.

out in the Kansas open

Mule Deer Hunter Feedback

First mule deerJohn, A picture of my first mule deer shot with a muzzleloader and also pictures of opening day of pheasant season with my hunting partner Norman and our hunting dogs which work really well together. We were limited out by 10 AM that Saturday. Also this was the same area that I deer hunt. I have hunted all my life in Kansas and have never seen the quality of game that I see in this area. I have been very happy being a member of this club. John K.

more than deer

Kansas Mule Deer hunting habitat well demonstrated in pictures


Nothing impressive. It shows well how hard it is to see a trophy Mule Deer. That scrapper shows us just how easy they can hide. That buck is standing up.


Kansas grasslands that hold Mule Deer give the appearance of easily patternable deer sign as this trail now over 12 years old on this fallow land that has consistently held a Mule Dee herd for longer than we have held the lease. This is the same drainage as the first picture of the Mule Deer head just above the weeds.

Kansas grasslands

Our Kansas Mule Deer hunts provide a variant for the deer hunter that seeks a different type of deer hunting rather than being in stand and a different type of habitat where trees are a detriment to the deer hunt.

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