Missouri Fishing

Below is a video of a father son(s) day fishing with Mid-America Hunting Association. 


Fishing StructureCommon knowledge is that fishing quality is greatly improved with sub surface structure. Getting that structure in place is the challenge. On the Association managed waters we install several pick up loads of trees each year. Even for those that install the structure finding it again months later while fishing is sometime challenging. 

crappieAfter planting structure fish are transferred from an over stocked under fished pond to the farm lake with the newly planted structure. This is a basket of 30+ small crappie. Every one of these crappie caught from this one pond was small giving good proof the fish have over populated and run down their food source. Moving them to a new water body will allow them to grow into nice fish.

A couple crappies from a farm lake stocked earlier.

Our active fish stocking of leased farm lakes and ponds has been ongoing since 1981. With yearly monitoring by the members that provide feedback from fishing, our land mangers’ own fishing surveys, stocking and restocking many ponds and lakes each summer means a lot of fishing in a lot of places.

Try to find this level of dedication of fish management on public waters.

The strip pit for fishing in our Association is unique to southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas. They are holes dug for coal and then after abandonment filled with rain runoff. This body of water has shallow and deep areas with a lot of rock structure that has been augmented by submerged trees. They are large, rugged water bodies that the two photos below only capture segments of. A small boat that can be dragged to the water would make the fishing of these areas much better than trying to cover them from the bank.

The other types of water existing on land leased by MAHA include waterfowl wetlands, land with beaver dams, streams and rivers. While all of these waters have some degree of fishing, especially for catfish on the sloughs of the wetlands, streams and rivers, it is the farm pond that receives most of our attention. This is where we stock our hybrid bass and will most likely recommend people to fish. Just as we are held accountable by the membership for our hunting recommendations the same degree of accountability applies to our fishing recommendations. For those that want to enjoy the tranquility of a day’s fishing at anytime his schedule allows and to fish without the competition of others then we have the fishing he is after. 

At this point all there is to know about our fishing waters that can be expressed in pictures and text is on this page. The rest of this gallery contains insights about various aspects of fishing and picture proof the authors know of what they speak.

Even though the “ramp” can be difficult to navigate when launching your boat, at least you don’t have to wait in line or fight for a parking space.