Fishing Overview

Fishing thousands of water surface acres over ponds, pits and lakes throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Quiet time, easy access, a variety of water to try all spring through summer into fall. Different water, different times all without public water confusion.

This is a case where those who realize that fishing is more than the fish find their peace.

Missouri FishingOur association has more strip pits, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams than could ever be fished by our membership. Fishing is available for all who desire a great day or night of fishing. The entire family can enjoy a weekend of outdoor fishing fun. Going fishing with the family is also another excuse for dad to scout out his next whitetail, turkey or waterfowl hunting trip the subsequent fall.

Many of our fishing waters do not require a boat. Several are difficult to get into and better suited for the dedicated fisherman than for a family outing. No fishing boats are available though the association although members are certainly permitted to use their own. Remember safety must always come first and to use personal flotation devices whenever fishing on association waters.

We regulate the fishing areas to prevent over fishing of balanced ecosystems through a reservation s

Missouri Fishing

ystem. We also manage our fishing waters with surveys and a game fish stocking program. This management, along with catch and release that our members practice with bass, make a day’s fishing enjoyable and a season long, yearly tradition of good fishing.

And, it is Large Mouth Bass Fishing that gets the most attention.

Caught several. These two were something over five pounds.Missouri Fishing


After 2 half days of fishing several Association ponds grandpa and grandson enjoyed a fishing trip of a lifetime. Two nice bass, one of which was a true lunker and an unexpected channel cat on four pound line with a crappie jig. All of the bass and the big catfish were released but a stringer of bluegill and crappies were taken home for a fish fry.

Longtime Fisherman

Bass Fishing“…Here are the pictures I promised you. All fish were catch and release except for one batch…”

Kevin is one of those fishermen that enjoys the day about 40 – 50 days a year fishing MAHA waters.

Chris R. with 6 Year Old Son

Bass FishingNo letter just a picture that shows a day with your son fishing is better than almost anything.



Pond pictures can be deceptive trying to show the entire water surface in one snapshot. this pond continues for again as much as can be seen in this photo to the right, out of sight.


The bass is 5.5 lbs, 21″ long and it easily had the 7″bluegill in its mouth (with mouth closed), 1/3 its body length. The other is a 10 lb Channel Cat which is pretty common at the farm ponds I fish. I was trying to catch catfish when I caught the Bass.


Pond Fishing

pond fishingBeavers set up house on a large watershed pond and immediately set to plug the outflow pipe. This lake fed by rainfall only flooded the next rain swamping the beaver hut and breaching the dam. The breach was plugged and a new den built. The next rain the dam breached again and the process resumed. From the near ground water’s edge to the near side far tree line shows the beavers expanded this lake by a full third of its original surface area.

This pond has a supply of willows that stretches for about 400 meters along the outflow creek that should allow the beavers a good wood supply to sustain the lake for some time to come.

This lake is within a good Missouri turkey hunting locality and would make a good afternoon break spot for some fishing while waiting for the next  morning hunt.

Another pond within easy roadside parking to pond access.

small pond fishingThis pond has deep water and steep banks not suited for children or anyone that cannot swim. It is surrounded by tall prairie grass acting as a filter from the crop fields that surround the drainage.

This is a watershed pond meaning its water supply is from rainfall only rather than another type typically called a watershed lake that has a consistent flow through from the tail waters through the dam.




The tail waters to this pond are unique as they cover a deep water and steep banked channel type structure that carries on for over a 100 yards more.

Fishing PondA single farm lease with several ponds that individually would probably not make for a good fishing day. Collectively just any of the two largest would make for a good half day fishing making this a good dovetail activity for a combination spring turkey morning hunt, lunch time nap and afternoon casting of some spinner bait.

In all cases of spring turkey hunters, turkey hunting is not the only activity common during the spring season. Deer scouting, Morel Mushroom picking and fishing in third place rounds out most turkey hunting trips. Putting a take down rod, single reel and a small tackle box mix of small spinners, jigs, weed less and artificials allows for an alternative of just sticking to the motel room after the turkey tags are filled.

Fishing PondThese ponds lie outside of our parameters for stocking and fishermen management. This leaves any fish found to be pure products of nature or from incidental stockings by whomever and whenever.

What ponds such as this typically yield are small and numerous fish demonstrating an unchecked population growth that any harvested would be a benefit to the overall pond. Occasionally, such ponds will have captured a large surviving catfish both channel or Flathead depending on nature’s or previous man’s stocking. Such a fish frequently takes over the pond and grows well. The common story we hear of such conditions is the light tackle fishermen loosing his rig to some unknown pond monster. Most will give credit for lost tackle to a large snapper while others show us catfish far too large for the waters they came out of.

In any case ponds such as these give one more opportunity to survey what nature will do on its own over time.

Fishing Pond

Ponds are sometimes good fishing through unknown previous means. In many cases ponds take some management. Management is not particularly hard work, just time consuming. In this case we are translocation some Crappie to give balance to a Flathead minnow heavy pond. The pond in this case had been used to grow for sale bait minnows. In two to three years this will be a good fishing spot.

From Randy

The last one in the series of four. Bigger than the catfish in the other photos (coming to you via us mail) but still only 4.5 lbs. I couldn’t break through the 5 lbs barrier that day. That is the bad news. The good news is I’ll have to keep trying.

Randy is a retired active duty Army aviation officer with more than one tough assignment throughout the world. He joined MAHA while on active duty and kept that membership running for he and family while transitioning another hobby he had while on active duty transforming it into a successful financial advising career.

Crappie fishing a farm pond with a small boat that fits into the back of a pick up truck and large enough for two.

The water was about a 200 yard boat drag from the farm lane.

All caught on jigs.

We publicize our routine actions to show current and future members what goes on behind the obvious that makes this Association as good as it is. The operating principle includes you cannot run a hunting/fishing organization from inside an office.

Each year we try to go out our way for a couple of days to move fish from populated ponds to new ponds or lakes that don’t have many fish.

There are many theories of what species to stock and what species not to stock, but we just do it the old fashioned way and stock with what we are able to catch that day.

On this particular day, we moved four nice crappies and a half dozen bass to a pond that didn’t show any evidence of having fish.