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Kansas City Hunting Clubs abound in a variety of formats from basic rod and gun club of clay targets and lodge to controlled shooting areas, waterfowl blind or wetlands, through that of small and large acreage private land hunting clubs.

Kansas City hunting clubs is used at this point as a generic title used for those seeking Kansas and Missouri area hunting land access. Mid-America Hunting Association offers an alternative to the classic hunting clubs option for self guided private land hunters.

The phrase: "hunting clubs" we must use if wanting to be listed in the Kansas City area yellow pages as there is no category for fair chase self guided hunts. However, we are an Association and not a hunting club and a self guided hunter organization and not a guide service.

As an Association we have a business orientation of quality hunts being the product and self guided non-competitive private land hunts the service. This is opposed to the common place skeet, rifle or rod and gun clubs of club house, shooting range and meeting room. We have none of those attributes and simply offer hunt execution for the fees paid to the Association. Our being placed under the category of a Kansas City area hunting clubs is simply a misnomer that slows down learning of what we offer.

That one aspect along of being a hunt execution organization separates us from all other groups classified as hunting clubs in the Kansas City area. Our approach is to centralize hunting land access acquisition through combined purchasing power, simplified costs for liability insurance and centralized control for hunter pressure management. All is oriented toward quality hunts through acquisition of the right habitat within the right region of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa for the wildlife or hunting interests of the Association. Those interests are mainly Mule and Whitetail Deer, Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey, upland bird hunts for pheasant and Bobwhite Quail and waterfowl wetlands for duck and goose hunts.

Purchasing power of a collective allows us to lease from corporations of land holders that extends into the tens of thousands of acres. Land that would be well out of reach of even the most well funded hunting friendship group. These business type landowners fully appreciate the value of the MAHA lawyer and liability insurance company far more than the small landowner that thinks only of dollars.

Once having good control over that land to maximize availability and spread hunter pressure that insures a quality hunt brings the business full circle. That good habitat and subsequent good hunt is through pressure management that continues the existence of the organization by encouraging membership renewals.

The formula above seems rather easy to write and read. Putting it into practice is where our experience dating back to 1965 makes a world of difference. That difference is that even though we may be thought of as a Kansas City Hunting Club the reality is that we are a business responsible for product and customer service. To that end read what others thinks about us.

No hunter is left to guess where to hunt. We will communicate with all by telephone long before any first hunt when he begins planning his hunting trip.

The basis for hunting recommendation communication will be the lease maps provided to all members on a website. A sample is shown below of one of around 200 such maps. To identify this map and individual lease tracks we would say: "Kansas, Duncan County, Unit A" then the property number in question.

iowa hunting lease

The same maps with acreage per highlighted lease parcel in the red box. there are 3,000 acres available on this one map sheet.

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