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Why Mid-America Hunting Association

Suburbanite's may relate to Iowa farm owners and hunters in terms of Saturday afternoon door to door religious advocates seeking to covert homeowners to their brand of religion. Neither hunters seeking the farmer's time is any more welcome than religious advocates ringing suburbanite's door bell.

Iowa pheasant hunting

Different dogs, different hunters all with some kind of birds.

More Advantage

A second Iowa pheasant hunting MAHA advantage is our coverage of corporation's potential liability. As we do all our landowners. With a multi million dollar insurance coverage compete with certificate. A final, minimum, requirement to sit at a negotiating table and work out an Iowa hunting lease contract specifications.

This then leads to further amplifying how average Iowa pheasant hunters cannot access these corporate Iowa farms. Worthwhile to a corporation insurance coverage is expensive. Typically beyond means of any one average hunter. Add that to land lease dollar per acre costs of these farms that run into tens of thousands of acres and costs far exceeds what average pheasant hunters can afford.

This is one value of MAHA. We get pheasant hunters on land of good Iowa pheasant habitat that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Inclusive on pheasant hunts of wild birds.

How Much Iowa Pheasant Hunting Land?

iowa upland birds Annual membership dues paid by any one of our members does not cover cost of much acreage. Especially so compared to each hunter will hunt in a day's time and on any single trip.

Each hunter will cover about 400 to 600 acres of pheasant ground in a day. He may not actually hunt that much land, but will cover a good portion of it pheasant hunting along with his dogs.

To have 400 acres of huntable Iowa pheasant habitat may require 1,500 acres or more gross Iowa acreage. If we were just to pay a $1.00 per acre that would be a cost of a fifteen hundred dollars per day per hunter. If that pheasant hunter hunts a typical week of vacation time from Sunday to following Saturday, 7 days having used the earlier Saturday and latter Sunday for travel, that Iowa pheasant hunter would access $10,500 worth of land. Compare that cost to our annual membership fees and our entire year's membership costs does not pay for one day's worth of pheasant hunting land at $1.00 per acre.

Add to the MAHA advantage that hunters can be pheasant hunting a different field each time stepping from the truck of every day of every hunting trip. And, he can do so in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. That little bit of added adventure of being on new ground beats walking many same fields every weekend as often occurs for traveling pheasant hunters back in their home state.

Self Guided Kansas Pheasant Hunt - Choices

Within our Association each upland bird hunter may hunt pheasant or quail in Iowa, Missouri or Kansas all for the same cost.

With our having upland bird productive habitat spread across three states there is always one region or more with good bird populations regardless of any one localities bad weather effects that year.

I just got back from [location deleted] and thought I would share some pics. Hunting was really good up until the ice storm.

self guided pheasant hunt

Kansas hunting

Kansas pheasant limit

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