January 3, 2020 Update


Hey Jon,
Here are a few pictures from this season so far. Definitely a better year for the ducks than last year. Glad to see so much green flying around. Ready to to hunt the big geese hard in January. A bonus is that my two little ones have been able to join me in the blind a few times as well.

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September 18, 2020 Update

Deer  Early success by one of our determined members. One of the hazards of early season deer hunting.  Taken by one of our members this

September 16, 2020 Update

Deer Jacob and Tyler were able to fill their Kansas tags 2 nights in a row on a couple nice bucks! Normally Kansas youth season

September 14, 2020 Update

Waterfowl We have not had much feedback from the teal hunters yet but one of our neighbors reported a lot of shooting off MAHA property.

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