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Association Missouri wetlands requires chest waders, decoys, hunter's own calling skills. Blinds are stilt or float built of 2x6 lumber, seat 5, covered with rippy grass. We have been in Missouri's waterfowl hunting business a long time. Years of experience gives us a good understanding of local micro flyways. See self guided duck hunting main section along with aerial and waterfowl level duck blind pictures.

missouri waterfowl hunting

Greenhead hunts is what we all like to see. They do occur frequently enough to make waterfowl hunting primary member interest the highest renewal rate in this Association.

Missouri ducks

What Is Offered

Missouri waterfowl hunting within the Lower Missouri River Basin is self guided only. All on private wetlands we enhanced over many years.

Who We Are, What We Do

Mid-America Hunting Association enhanced several Missouri natural wetlands with levees, in/out flow water level controls, permanent blinds over marsh, slough, flooded timber and crop.

Each waterfowl hunter may pick and choose from hunting out of blinds, wade-in or lay-out boat areas of where to spend his day. He may select from hunting any of several wetlands from day to day during any of Missouri's season.

Goose hunters will have thousands of acres of crop land to scout then set up where geese. A better approach than just picking a spot and hope they show.

Those with dogs may go pheasant hunting when ducks aren't flying.

Exclusive use on 100% private Missouri wetlands. We are free of any WRP type habitat restrictions allowing us to create as best we can duck attracting wetlands.

We drain, plant, cut, flood to sustained water level. Come to Missouri to spend a day on these wetlands just once. Most hunters will return for years to come.

We also have a large selection of farm ponds, watershed lakes, without blinds, to setup a more basic do it yourself goose/duck hunt. This includes another 8,000 acres in Missouri crop stubble on a variety of water. In pursuit of geese, hunters will find additional opportunities outside of Missouri with many good spots in Kansas.

Entire range of Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Seasons


Teal are not a big draw. Their illustration here is to show we offer all seasons Missouri waterfowl hunting. Early teal is often a shakeout of dog, equipment, shooting. Continue you through regular waterfowl season through to spring goose, as often as any hunter wants.

Missouri Wetlands

Teal again on our wetlands. Not yet in prime condition wetlands. No where do we oversell what we do with always great pictures. This one is just prior to Missouri's opener. When we were just starting to flood this wetlands.

waterfowl season

A during season picture when it makes it all plus weather look much better than it was.

Late Missouri Goose

Missouri goose hunting

Crop field hunt after regular duck season. Two days of scouting, set a spread, hunted this level of success for several days.

Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Ducks Wetlands Ducks or Goose Fields

Association Missouri wetlands allow goose harvests incidental to a duck hunt. Dedicated Canada Goose hunters have thousands of crop stubble acres on or off water allowing large spreads. Most in north Missouri where freeze/snow maps show well were to scout.

All hunts are by a reservation to a numbered blind, wade-in area, farm pond, crop field or watershed lake. Waterfowl reservations are day long. In all cases we require hunters to first see blinds or other areas in daylight before ever trying to move in during early dark hours. No early setups before a morning's reservation.

Self guided duck and goose hunter

Some Details

Blinds may be easy to access as dry land walk up within 400 yards of our wetland's parking area. Or, as much as a 2 mile walk when the road access is wet on one of our wetlands. Bring an ATV. These are our two extremes. Everything in between exists.

Four wheeler (ATV not OTR vehicles) access is largely possible to most blinds. 4-wheelers are to be well camouflaged before first light.

A two wheel cart or a bag on back are what many use. A two dozen mixed spread is common. In some cases a small jon boat or canoe will make getting into blinds fully surrounded by water easier. No boat bigger than which will fit in a pickup is required. No trailer ramps.

Snow goose hunting

We provide recommendations where to hunt. A lodging listing of near by motels is maintained on our web site. It is more accurate than rural yellow pages. We provide wetlands management in terms of cover, food source planting, blind building, water level control. Waterfowl hunters provides their own calling skill, dogs, decoys, shooting ability. Then they just hunt. No hassle with any land preparation

Our Missouri waterfowl hunting for experienced hunter. Meaning not one requiring a guide. Those who wish to try as new waterfowl hunters a duck or goose hunt we offer a buddy hunt list. A chance where inexperienced hunters may team up with others who have duck hunted a long time. Our buddy list also allows average waterfowl hunters seeking others of same interest to share a hunt.

In short we take Missouri's very good waterfowl migration with layover, geography of much water and make it better. An organization where waterfowl hunters who seeks private wetlands to make their own self guided hunt find a home.

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Duck Blinds

Canada Goose hunting.



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