October 15, 2018 Update

Linn County Wetlands

We covered the blinds in Linn County this weekend and the conditions are just like 2 years ago when the entire wetland filled after the WRP project was completed, very nice!
The blind 6 and 5 wade-in areas. Lots of water and food for the ducks.
The landowner mowed strips between the blind 9 and 7 wade-in area. Looks ideal for a layout boat set-up. 
The shooting pool in front of blind 1. Once again a big thanks to the landowner for mowing shooting pools and paths to and from the blinds. This is a moist soil wetland food plot at it’s finest.
The west holding lake dried up this summer and a great stand of smart weed took over the lake bed. Recently, it picked up a lot of water and  will be available to hunt. Also, on the east marsh we are opening the blind 4 shooting pool located on the far north side. The map will be adjusted soon.