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We, staff at MAHA do not consider ourselves turkey hunting experts. We do enjoy spring season hunting each year. However, that alone does not make us experts.

What our turkey hunting experience (not expertise) provides do it yourself turkey hunters is first hand boots on ground knowledge of our lease land. Its habitat, flocks. Intent of this experience is to ensure more wild turkey hunters have success. Or, assurance of their membership renewal. Achieved through knowledgeable recommendations of where to chase toms.

Turkey hunter


We Do Talk To Turkey Hunting Experts

Through MAHA we have association with several true turkey hunting experts. These are hunters who amaze us through their abilities. Abilities superior to ours. Such hunters show themselves quickly through how they talk, mostly humble, what they produce. Their production is not so much in numbers, but method. Having pure turkey hunting enjoyment.

Two Illustrations

Two examples to illustrate method distinction between average turkey hunters and this small group of true turkey hunting experts.

Illustration #1

First is a hunter that found out about us through a friend, joined at noon over lunch, last week of spring season. He was turkey hunting by 3 PM. On a property he never saw before. He was back at our office just before dark showing a fine mature tom.

This turkey hunter took no decoys, had no call, told how he stalked his bird. That day was a long time ago. He was a first of a set of exceptional skill level turkey hunters that we recognized. He filled his second tag the next day. Again in late afternoon after work on a property he never before hunted.

Illustration #2

Next example is a member that can call using only his own lung/voice/lip power. Without aid of any manmade call. He is able to gobble, purr, cut, putt, as well or better than most using a call. He also had a tattered wing that he used in several ways. One most interesting was to simulate two toms fighting.

Turkey lease

An early April picture along a wooded creek bottom on last year's wheat now well into spring volunteer weed green up. Gobbling starts in mid March. Early April finds toms trying to court with hens ignoring them. Jakes by now have been pushed aside by dominate toms.

Tom turkey

Same land run as pictured above. These birds were found on this year's wheat.

His approach was to simulate toms in battle. He uses hen decoys to attract toms which would come attracted first by sound, then by lonely hen decoy.

This turkey hunting member's credibility came through with a picture of his home office. It had a a simple tail mount. A board underneath it with an uncountable number of long beards over a couple of rows. The width of his office wall.

No Need For Turkey Hunting Expertise

Turkey hunting, a skill intensive discipline is best understood by fellow turkey hunters. Just hunters, not experts. All welcome who want to try.

MAHA staff turkey hunts each spring making them a good starting point for better turkey hunting we offer. They are also motivated to get each hunter to return each year.

While expert level of some wild turkey hunters may amaze us, reality for most of us is we are acceptable or average. Most are able to harvest one to 5 toms each spring. We are happy using every call, decoy, blind as well as any other turkey hunting tool we think would work. Most of us take up to a week to get a first tom. Those who harvest faster credit luck or a bit of pre season scouting. Y' know, average guys who simply want a good day in field.

Successfull turkey hunting


We recognize many hunters are not able to scout. That is where experience from being on our land 12 months of each year comes to benefit MAHA hunters. When we recommend a lease it is based on our personal observation of land and flocks. As well as location in each state where we know there does exist an above average level of production.

Double tags


While we are not turkey hunting experts ourselves, we simply work hard at getting our self guided hunters as good of a hunt as it is possible to make happen. Our promise. Only promise we make. These hunts are as challenging as anywhere else. We just try to give hunters a jump start as to where to park their truck. Once there they hunt on their own.

Service we provide is good habitat in a region with a good history of flock production. We essentially have completed research most hunters would have done on their own. Down to a place to park their truck to go hunt. We then take turkey hunting and make it better. Better by managing hunter pressure.


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