Jon- As a new member and a recent resident of the Mid West I would like to share a couple photos of two turkeys I harvested this season. Both were taken in [location deleted] on two different trips. This was my first year turkey hunting and I found it to be as exciting as any hunting I have done in my 54 years of hunting.

Being new to the sport I spent time scouting prior to season and found good bird populations on all properties I scouted. The evening before season was spent walking an adjoining road and listening to the birds as they went up to roost. This allowed me to be in the a close proximity to the birds for the morning fly down. After walking in a wide circle so as not to spook the birds off the roost I set my decoys and slipped back into the cover in anticipation of sunrise. As I sat down 3 birds flew off the tree I had set up under I figured well there went the morning. As the light began creeping in from the East several gobblers began their morning gobbling and that gave me confidence to stay put. One bird pitched down about 200 yards from me and just over a knoll so I could not see it. I began soft calling and got an immediate response a couple more soft clucks and further response from the bird but no sight of him. After half an hour of this he decided to come and see what this "hen" was doing and came over the rise in full strut. Talk about buck fever, what a sight. He came right up to the decoys and I wasted no time in putting him down. He was 20 #'s 9 1/2 " beard and 1 1/8" spurs.

Turkey number 2 was more of a challenge as I hunted this bird 4 different times. He roosted in a small patch of timber near a road and never followed the same fly down pattern. His strut zone was a large flat open low grass field of about 30 acres and he never entered or left in the same direction twice. I finally set up in a small opening near the edge of his roost site. I waited for 2 hours and never heard a peep out of him. Finally, a couple hens popped out of a small drainage ditch and started to feed. When they saw the decoys they slowly fed their way up to them. As they milled around the decoys the Tom finally came out into the open. He was lit up like a neon sign. He came half way toward the hens and stopped. I figured this was as close as he was going to get and took him at 30 yards. He weighed 24+ #'s had a 9 3/4 beard and 1 1/4 spurs.

A brief note of thanks to you and your land managers for procuring so many good properties. Jennifer is always so nice and helpful and friendly when you call in. You have a top-notch organization and I am proud to be a member.


Attached is a photo of an early Jan hunt Bill Dipman, myself and Kona my lab did on one of the Associations many farm ponds. As you can see we shot only drake mallards, one gadwall and 3 nice honkers. The birds decoyed just like you always dream they should.

Also a photo of a mid Jan. hunt showing Kona breaking through ice an 1 1/2 "+ thick to retrieve a snow goose that fell on a pond. It took her three tries but her persistence paid off.

This was another great year on MAHA properties. In spring I took a 28 # gobbler with 11/2" spurs. Fall brought me a nice old buck at 28 yds. All this with many other great hunting and fishing outings during the year.

I can't think of a better value for my hunting and fishing dollars than a membership in MAHA.

Thanks again and keep up the great value and fine properties you provide for your members.



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