David 5 Toms in one Season

Shaun & John,
I wanted to write you guys and share some turkey hunting pictures - all from club properties.

I have been fortunate enough to draw an Iowa tag the last three years and I have tried to accomplish a Mid America 'Grand Slam' by getting a bird in Iowa, two in Kansas, and two in Missouri. In 2004 and 2005 I was not successful. However, this year I did it and I have attached a picture of each bird. All five birds were mature gobblers and the 1st one I killed in Kansas even had a triple beard.

Thanks again for all your hard work. So many of us get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you probably don't get thanked enough. On top of that, both of you are always very helpful when I call in to make reservations and that is much appreciated.
Thanks again!! - Dave

Dave's next spring turkey season.

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