Harvested a bird in [deleted] that weighted 25lbs and had 2 11" beards. I had already harvested 3 REALLY big birds at home before going out west. I also shot a very large bird in [deleted] and should have killed several more. That is turkey hunting. I had a big bird at 10 feet that I didn't close the deal on.

Greg and I left at 3am in route to [location deleted]. It was about a 15 hour drive but went pretty fast and we were on the property and had a room well before dark. The next morning we heard at least 20 gobblers and felt good about opening dayspring turkey. It got colder but we still heard several gobblers and got pretty pumped for the next morning.

Opening morning was pretty cold but was not that windy. We got up at 3am to make the drive and be out well before first light. He dropped me on one road and he went to another to listen. At the first owl hoot I had gobbles and hustled to get on them. I ended up messing with a couple of birds but they didn't talk much after hitting the ground. I chased a gobbler a couple of miles and finally setup some decoys and decided to just call and wait. I was in the edge of a field and did some aggressive cuts on the glass call. It had been about 20 minutes and I heard real loud clucks coming from behind me. It was a few minutes before I saw the turkey but it never did anything but cluck REAL loud and come to the decoys. I noticed he had a good beard and busted him at about 25 yards. He ended up weighing 25lbs and had 2 11" beards. This was the biggest turkey of my life and one I will not forget.

After pictures we loaded up and headed for [location deleted]. We had a couple days to scout before opening day. Over the next two days we scouted several properties and heard gobblers and saw turkey every day. Opening day I was on a bird and had him strutting at less than 10 feet. I didn't get that bird but did learn a great lesson. So did the turkey. We hunted hard the next 3-4 days and I was on turkeys every day but they didn't gobbled after flying down. I did manage to shoot a really nice bird on the 4th day in [location deleted]. He weighted 22lbs and had a 10.5" beard. He also had 1.5" spurs. A real limb hanger. We decided to come home and not hunt [location deleted]. We plan on making another trip back to [location deleted] later in the season.

This trip was primarily to scout property for deer hunting so we spent more time driving and looking than we did turkey hunting. We had a great trip and really look forward to bow season.

We drove 4000 miles and saw game on every property we went to. Hundreds of pheasant and quail and more turkeys than I would care to guess. We were gone 10 days and heard turkeys every day I was West of the Mississippi. I had taken 3 really nice turkeys before leaving on this trip so it has been a really great year for me.


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