The turkey hunting trip to [location deleted] went well. The boys were able to go with me on separate mornings to see and hear lots of wildlife. They were not on the afternoon hunt when I shot this Tom, but they were very happy daddy got one! I had tried to get this one the day prior but couldn't get him away from the hens he was with. I actually did this the unconventional way . . . I went to him. I happened to see him in the grass field about 200 or so yards away from the road. He was sitting down but you could see his red head sticking up out of the grass. I stopped the truck over the hill and walked to a drainage ditch that actually went from a low spot in the road to within 20 yards of the Tom. I hopped into the ditch (as I did this I flushed a cackling rooster) and started a very long army crawl to him. It took about 45 minutes to get within 40 yards before the ditch was too shallow to successfully hide. As I approached I would call infrequently so any noise he heard he might think was a friendly hen. When I was close enough I quickly sat up and shot, he never moved. I passed up 4 Jakes this year, but this Tom and the opportunity for my boys to tag along made a blessed trip. There were plenty of quail and pheasant calling in the AM and PM. Thanks again for the great land you have leased and for the opportunities you have provided.
Sincerely, Kenneth, Karen, Jacob and Zachary


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