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It is enjoyable the Association has many members that set example for how to live life. While most of us are average and not wanting to recognize that in ourselves there are those that excel beyond the norm. Most frequently these extra life folks are military members with their long work days, TDY's and unit deployments to self employed translated as extra work pressure/hours, family raising hunters that travel thousands of miles for a couple of days hunt. These folks that work hard so as not to have to work all the time set the example for the rest of us. This hunter is one of those above average persons that give many of us little room not to get out and hunt.


Congratulations Klint on an exceptional bird. It seems to us you are entirely deserving of this given your long record of effort and successes. For the rest of us Klint in not just a successful turkey, deer and dogless pheasant hunter he is also raising a young son who has worked to become equally successful and a future productive member of society. Thank you Klint for the hunt pictures and more!

Good youth hunt. Lots of birds. Thanks, Klint 10" beard, 1 1/8" spurs

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