Got to take Big Mike out two mornings to chase some turkeys…and we don’t get many opportunities like that with his sports schedule…had to be at baseball practice early Saturday…he got the job done on his first bird…as we pulled this big guy and his harem of hens…

Day 2 found us set up early and we coaxed this guy in right after fly down…Mike said it was the most exciting turkey hunt he’s ever encountered…I’d have to agree…strutting, drumming and gobbling all the way in… The pics speak for themselves…quality habitat produces quality birds…and great family memories afield!!!!!!

Hats off to Jon, Jon Jr., and John!!!!!


Earlier Hunt


For those who haven’t done it…there is nothing quite like hunting with your family…my Mikey is a three sport high school athlete…and at best, gets into the woods five to six times a year for deer, pheasant and turkey. Well..this morning could not have been more special…had Mike and Julie out (Mom’s out of town)…this was the only day Mike could chase turkeys this Spring…not any vocal gobblers…but Mike closed the deal on this beautiful triple-bearded jake and of all things…a bearded hen with a 9” beard.

The walk out was so special with the kids…thanks again for providing this marvelous opportunity!!!!!


Young Mike with a big MAHA tom.

Overall, great turkey season...as you know I have thousands of acres of other land to hunt other than MAHA, but the MAHA land definitely out-produced that land.

We found the Missouri and Iowa birds to be much friendlier than the Kansas birds, but all in all we took 11 birds off MAHA land. The kids had a great time and the bird of the year was Mike's 28 pounder (weighed on a certified scale) taken in Kansas. All in all a great season....for some reason the birds gobbled much better on MAHA land, both on and off the roost. Top weight...28#s, 2 oz. Top beard...11 3/4"...and top spurs...1 4/8" and 1 3/8". Great quality birds from all of your properties in three states. I just wish we had more tags for Mo and IA. A good mix of two year olds and > 3 yr old toms.

(a subsequent email)

Mike's Kansas Rio. I believe he enjoyed this hunt more than any other turkey hunt this year. Even more than when he and his brother doubled in Missouri. We worked this guy in at 9:15 AM along with 6 other toms and 2 hens. He got to watch the whole show and made a nice shot with his Benelli 20 gauge at 15 yards. He smiled at me and said "Dad, that was the most exciting hunt I've ever seen!!!" The smile brought tears to my eyes. Mike capped off a great MAHA turkey season with the family's 12th mature tom on MAHA land in three states...IA, KS, and MO.

I thank you so much for your straight forward and right-on recommendation for [location deleted]. I'll be heading up to Cally Morris's taxidermy shop this weekend with two of Mike's birds.

Again, thanks for all of your help this season. Steve


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