First of all I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to talk to me and work with me through the process of joining MAHA. It's obvious that you all work very hard to make MAHA successful. I'm sure you don't hear it often enough, but your hard work is appreciated! Jon and John, thank you so much for getting out there and finding and securing all this land for us sportsmen and women to enjoy!

Well I'm off to a great start with MAHA! I haven't even been a member for a week! I've attached a picture to show what a great weekend I had. I try to always take a tripod along with me on my trips so I can capture the moment in the field. Sunday morning was a great morning! The song birds were singing, the rooster pheasants were crowing and the turkeys were gobbling! I know many hunters frown on taking jakes, and while I am more selective on the bucks that I choose to harvest, I'm not as selective on turkeys because, well I just love fried wild turkey breast. Between that and fried pheasant breast, there's just no better eating! Besides what makes a trophy is each individual hunters decision. Please know though that to me, harvesting something is just an added blessing, as I love just being out there. The only thing I love more than hunting is God and my family! Jon, thanks for recommending this location to me. I've already made my reservations for this weekend!
Thanks, Ron

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