"...Here are a couple of pics of my first Rio. I am so glad I joined, I can't wait for deer season..."

traveling turkey hunter

Scott is above average in that he achieved immediate success on his first hunt without any prior knowledge tot he hunt day of the land. He hunted where we recommended he hunt. That recommendation was the easy part. It was his self guided turkey hunter skill that made the hunt work. This is no small event as he comes from a big woods southern state where the widely practiced run & gun is the only way to hunt. Scott showed his above average turkey hunting skills by realizing he must adapt and not uniformly apply one turkey hunting technique to all conditions.

On the other side Scott did experience buyer's remorse after having Joined in January with his first hunt not planed until May. As fuel prices rose he further regretted spending his money on something he could not see or experience before the purchase. All that changed after this first hunt, his father-in-law joined in time for a late spring turkey hunt and both plan to fall deer hunt the same areas turkey hunted.

In the few contacts we have had by telephone Scott has shown himself easy to work with, has no expectations other than the enjoyment of traveling to new ground and having a good hunt. The deer and birds are a bonus, not a requirement.


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