Kansas turkey huntingMy MAHA Turkey Hunting Story

It was the second day of the shotgun season and I wasn't able to hunt until midday but I was also unable to pre scout the farm so I didn't exactly know where to go. I started walking the farm around 1 p.m. trying to locate a gobbler. I didn't find much turkey sign until I got to the very back corner of the property! Here I started seeing tracks, droppings, and signs of dusting so I thought since I haven't been able to locate a gobbler I will just set up my decoys, call a little and see what happens. My set up was about 60 yards from the corner of the field and on the other side of the property line was a huge wood lot with tall heavy timber. After soft calling for only 15 min I heard a gobble in the tall dark timber coming from the neighboring property. After answering my soft yelps and gobbling for 30 mins in the timber he finally comes out in the field at 2:30 in full strut and I thought here we go this will be a quick hunt but I couldn't be more wrong. Now I had a full strut decoy out with a hen which normally has gobblers running in but this one was very hesitant to come any closer. He was straight right of me down the tree line at 60 to 70 yards gobbling every minute in the very corner of this field and I just could not shoot straight to my right because of the thick foliage. He stood there gobbling, strutting, spittin and drumming for 2 hours not coming any closer (I couldn't feel my bum or legs). A front had arrived at this point and it started to rain which made the gobbler stop strutting and gobbling. At this time he was losing interest fast in my set up so I had to do something. I thought if I could belly crawl to a thick tree about 20 yards to my right I might have a shot. So that's what I did and the rain covered my sound thank god. I got to the thick tree which took forever because of me moving so slow but the gobbler was still there! I peeked around ranged him at 55 yards and pulled the trigger. He dropped! What a hunt for never hunting or scouting the farm before. He put on a 3 hour show for me but it was extremely cool to see a turkey do his dance for that long. 23 lbs. 11 in. beard and 1 in. spurs. Stevie


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