You asked me to let you know if I got a second Turkey last week, and YES I DID !!! At 6:40 AM Thursday I took a 22 pound, 10 inch bearded wonder. It was very exciting with a lot of interaction with a couple turkey prior to the kill.

Anyway, thanks for all your and Jon's help this season. It's a 320 mile drive from St. Louis, but it's well worth the trip. I appreciate all you guys do to make the scouting and hunting trips great experiences. We are in the second year as members and the Turkey and Duck hunts have been great. We haven't scored every time, but that's part of it. If I wanted a sure thing I just go to Shnucks.

I have one or two work friends that are very interested in the club. One wants to join and would like to know the appropriate time to apply so he can scout and hunt this fall duck season. He is an experienced duck and turkey hunter and would make a good member.

Please let me know about that, and again thanks for the help and good hunting !



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