December 2003 Updates

26 Dec

Duck hunting reports indicate the best hunting had been early morning and that the ducks are educated. Overall, plenty are seen and most are getting some daybreak shooting and sporadic chances after that. For many duck hunters some days go by without limits. We have seen these tougher duck hunting conditions before during mild winters with a long local layover. A friend in Arkansas we talked to just before Christmas says for the most part the ducks have not made it down there yet this season.

Average has been the recurring idea describing this season from several long time Association duck hunters reporting having good days in the blinds without many of those exceptional days when hunting is over in 20 minutes. With the current warm spell this will probably be the case and characterization of this entire season through the end of goose season.

The hunter above has been seen on this website before, he prefers to remain anonymous. He has been good to his Association with showing a photo or two each season. He happens to be one of those drake only hunters that enjoys the day more than a limit. A real hunter.

23 Dec

Youth Hunter. Amanda Owen with her second trophy at 13 harvested during the youth hunt. Congratulations Amanda as one of your Associations leading young lady hunters.

Youth Quail Hunter Many are upland hunting with various results and only a few send in pictures. Here is one from a father son traditional Christmas school break quail hunting trip.

22 Dec

Upland Birds. Three pheasant Iowa limit on a windy day from a dog we have seen before showing recurring success for those that want to hunt. Plus one quail and less than the best upland bird hunting weather conditions.

21 Dec

Whitetail. An 8 Pt. Whitetail shot with a muzzleloader during reg. rifle season. I was still hunting in a creek bottom & he came through checking his rub line at 5 pm. It was after rut, but he had a large neck & body. Thanks, Greg Seeley. This make several very nice trophies for Greg over the last couple of years. Thank you Greg for adding to your collection and sharing with all of us.

Quail. A nice quail hunt pictured right. This member sends us such a picture every season. Thanks Kevin and good luck with the rest of the season.

16 Dec

Seasons. The current snow, freeze, thaw, rain cycle we are in and a warming trend on the way will make for muddy conditions especially on the wetlands. The point being to park hunting vehicles so as not to leave ruts. Your membership dollars need to go the land lease payments and not half day's lost to transport equipment and smooth out ruts.

15 Dec

Duck. Take a look at Dave two season account of an east coast duck hunter in Missouri. Dave is one of those that thoroughly enjoys traveling to hunt where the hunting is good. He reminds us of how lucky we are to be in one of the best hunting locations in the country. Thank you Dave for taking the time to send in your hunting account and pictures.

12 Dec

Whitetail. Rex, half of the Rex and Dan whitetail hunting team, sent in a preliminary photo of this year's success with a promise of a story to follow. We're looking forward to the additional pictures and hunting account, thank you Rex.

6 Dec

Whitetail. Gary from Pennsylvania with his first mid-west trophy whitetail. Read his hunting account.

3 Dec

Pheasant. Pictures provided by Andrew a long time self employed member with limited time finds the pheasant hunting he is after. Thanks Andrew for the pictures, yours have become an annual event we look forward to.

Upland bird hunters - reminder that Kansas rifle deer season is open. Wear plenty of hunter orange. If hunting a Kansas upland lease unit and there is a vehicle parked with serial number marker posted on the dash or rearview mirror on a property it may be a deer hunter on that property. For those planning to upland hunt Kansas and want to know if there are any deer hunters in the unit you plan to hunt call the office and Nichol will let you know.

2 Dec

Whitetail. Dale from Tennessee sent is a picture of his MAHA whitetail bow harvest. Thanks Dale for the feedback. We certainly appreciate seeing what kind of deer on on the land we lease.

Upland Birds. We have been getting a good number of upland bird reports in and for the great majority the birds are up and many good days being spent in the field. The few reports we have had of members not finding birds leaves us to move them to other areas. This pheasant and quail harvest picture is from a 3/4 day hunt on properties never hunted before by that dog or hunter.

Whitetail. See what Cobenn has accomplished the last season. A gun and bow whitetail hunter harvesting two deer on one trip from out east. Congratulations Cobenn and thank you for the pictures and letters covering your hunts.

Waterfowl Hunters! One of our landowners has an Argo 8 wheel drive, all terrain vehicles for sale. It's a late 90's model with only 37 hours of light usage. It's been stored in a barn and hardly ever used because of his age. Great utility vehicle for farm work or hunting. It retails for $13,500 and he wants $9,000. Not negotiable. Call Lloyd at 417-767-4438


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