February 2004 Updates

27 Feb

Waterfowl. Snow goose hunters we have reports of geese on the ground in Linn, Livingston, Bates, Atchison, Holt and Cass B, Missouri. For those planning a hunt you know as well as us you have to go out there and find them as just because they are on one property one day does not mean they will always be on that same property, however once in an area they do layover for a while.

There has been some local goose movement on the Kansas side but current landowner reports have far greater numbers in Missouri.

18 Feb

Whitetail. Long brow tines on this latest whitetail from a long time member who also spends a bit of time waterfowl hunting.

16 Feb

Waterfowl. More duck and goose hunting success pictures from three dedicated waterfowl hunters. The ducks were from the warm early season that caused the majority of the migration to stay farther north than our Arkansas brothers would have liked.

The geese are from a late season hunt. Look closely at the dog. It is not a lab, or even a retriever. It is a pointing bird dog. The remaining set of pictures from this hunt we will get to this week and will show a short haired variety bird dog breaking ice retrieving a goose. A great set of pictures that do a lot to show the potential of a well trained dog.

Thanks guys for some great picture!

Maps. Your hunting Association continues to work toward keeping costs under control and increase services to its members. The map CD issued last season was just one more step toward those goals. This next advancement is a refinement of the by county services listing where the new organization allows for printing of just one county at a time, on one paper page, versus the previous system where the only option was to print the entire state worth of services. Use the link to the top right in the graphic titled "MAHA Yellow Pages" to review the new asset.

One word of caution is that we know some of the services listed have had their telephone area codes changed and the current list is out of date in some counties. Shaun, our secretary, is currently conducting the drudgery task of calling each listed service by service, by county to confirm that all listed information is accurate, not just the telephone numbers but also the meat lockers, hunters for the hungry program, wrecker services, etc. As she corrects each by-county page listing a "freshness" time stamp will appear at the top of the page indicating its last updating.

Still to come will be the continuation of the mapping project to include online access to the maps to allow every member to have the most up to date land maps as contracting continues year round. The next planned step is to work on the electronic map quality that Bill Martin turned us onto about two years ago. In a small organization like we are it generally takes time to make advances and with each advancement we spend less money and have more time to work land contracts.

13 Feb

Pheasant. Charles D., sent in a very well composed dog and bird picture to add to his web page covering several years. The kind of picture suitable for desk top framing. Thank you Charles and we look forward to you hunting next season.

Scouting. Reservations are just as important for scouting as they are for hunting. Several of our leases prohibit scouting year around so please check in with the office every time you plan to scout Association leases. For example, Washington Kansas, Unit D and Wright County Unit B do not allow scouting during the off-season until the week prior to the spring turkey season. If a member violates this agreement it can cost us a lease.

11 Feb

Waterfowl. More pictures continue to come in and we certainly appreciate all of them and those that send them in. This one is from an early hunt this past season when the weather was the best it gets for wading and a bit too warm and clear for the best duck hunting.

Several waterfowl hunters sent in some pictures, one with a note, from this past season.

Jon, This picture (left) was taken on opening. We showed up a tad bit later than we expected. We had our decoys set right at shooting time. I was only able to load 2 shells in my gun before we had a flock of mallards landing in our decoys. Between the three of us, we took 8 mallards. We limited out by 7:30 with mallards, gadwalls, teal and a pair of woodies. This is definitely one of my most memorable hunts. Thanks to Mid America Hunting for giving us a chance to have such a memory like this one. Regards, Ronnie. p.s: I'm also sending pics of Alex and his dad (Bo) from this same hunt.

6 Feb

Pheasant. For 4 years running Kenneth has traveled from Arizona to Kansas and Missouri to spring turkey, waterfowl and pheasant hunt. This picture is just one of many posted to his web page along with detailed accounting of each hunt. He and his hunting partner put in the bag 30 roosters on this last trip. A good read for those that look forward to next season. Thanks Kenneth for some very well composed pictures.

Whitetail. A 10+ year member with another whitetail to add to his collection.

4 Feb

Quail. A picture of the last hunt of the season developed from the last roll of film after cleaning the hunting gear out of the truck. Part of the hunting ritual while a bit depressing, the memories captured on film give hope for the season to come. The same young quail hunter as seen twice before this season from his previous trips.

2 Feb

Pheasant. Charles D., an upland and waterfowl hunter of several years sent in a second letter and some pictures giving accounts of the hunting for the past 3 years or so. A good read telling reality rather than the idealized stories read in magazines.

Good hunting to all!



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