January 2004 Updates

30 Jan

Technology Status. If anyone is emailing us and we do not respond it is due to your email address being on our block sender list that is now over 2,000 names large. With the recent email virus surge the internet has experienced and with our email address on the website should you not get a response from us it is due to your previous emails being virus laden and our software automatically places those addresses on the block sender list. Give us a call if we do not respond to your email.

28 Jan

Waterfowl. Dan sent in a picture from a day when he was done and working to help out his hunting buddies. Thanks Dan you show us the potential.

From Joshua (right), a hunter from Texas, that finds pleasure in more than just harvest photos for his album.

Thank you Joshua for thinking of us. We have posted a larger version of this well composed picture and the others you sent in the website. Those that see such value are the hunters we prefer.

26 Jan

Waterfowl. Derrol H., has been a member for just two years and he has provided us with a photo and text description of the highlights for the second year running. See how real hunters can have success with having seen only as much of the land as can be hunted in two seasons. Thank you Derrol for the two seasons review, we are looking forward to many more years of your updates.

23 Jan

Whitetail. Alan does it again with another fine whitetail bow harvest. Thank you Allan for showing a history of success.

21 Jan

Wayne brings in a nice one.

What it is all about, getting on game.

19 Jan

Rules. A member emailed that perhaps the Association should form a membership committee to hammer out issues such as the guest pass regulation. This idea would probably work for an evolving organization consisting of multiple issues, however MAHA has been around long enough that the regulations that establish the relationship between the hunters and the Association have been hammered out through time and repeatedly tested and if required subsequently refined. We essentially do not have many issues at all and this is the only one for the past year. Our focus is land acquisition and that is where it will remain given that we reject about 70% of the land we survey each year. Besides all the Baptists out there will attest that the best committee is one composed of three where two don't show up for the meetings. For the non-Baptists out there understand that in the Southern Baptist Conference all decisions are by committee and no one is ever satisfied with the outcome.

Pheasant. Don B., and Yankee showing the results of a quick pheasant hunt with three pheasant and two quail.

Waterfowl. Chris R., on a late season goose hunt in the rain.

Pictures. Several members have made comment to us that if they ever harvest anything worth taking a picture of they would send it in for website publication. The two photos above show the other side of that viewpoint in that almost every hunt has a moment where a picture captures the memory. The one on the right is of only two geese, but the story it tells is much greater. Late winter, unseasonably warm, hunting in the rain. A day when they were through far earlier than anticipated. The one on the left seems simple enough and the memory it captures is each mental image of Yankee putting up a bird and making a straight line retrieve. We appreciate each and every picture regardless of how simple it may appear to some folks, real hunters can reflect on the story behind the photo.

Quail. Jerry sent in a second letter and photo now covering his current and last season quail hunting success. A chance to read a different perspective on our hunting. This hunter is now 60 years old and continues to bird hunt, a role model for all of us!

16 Jan

Turkey. As folks begin their spring turkey hunt planning past experience indicates the earlier in the season hunted the more likely toms will be on the hens and difficult to attract away with decoy and call. Not all youth seasons are open to non-residents (Missouri). While Missouri and Kansas have a two tom limit in the spring and Kansas allows the harvesting of two toms in one day, Missouri limits only one tom for for the opening week. Missouri and Kansas have an overlapping period within their seasons. Deer scouting will be prohibited on prime turkey leases during the spring season.

Membership. For those that have friends they are considering for sponsorship into the Association be aware that last year's lease contracting is forcing a membership price increase that will be determined in March. Having your friends enter into the Association before the price increase will save them some money this year and for the next couple of seasons as well.

Goose and Ice. Anyone hunting late season geese must be careful of the ice on the ponds, streams and lakes. While ice formation occurs each season, warm periods common each winter will make for thin ice for both the hunter and dog. Floatation devices are the only way to hunt around ice and are also available for dogs at the local sporting goods stores. We strongly advise all hunters to use life jacket on the wetlands and when in their boats or canoes while hunting or fishing Association leases. Safety always comes first. Few of us would consider using a tree stand without a safety harness, the same should be for life jackets around water.

15 Jan

Whitetail. Grady H. with his first archery deer. Grady hunted for two years and let many small bucks pass looking for one for the wall. His efforts paid off with this nice 150 class whitetail.

14 Jan

Waterfowl. For those that thought our duck season was average and not much to be thankful for our friends in Arkansas called (The same ones from before Christmas) and said they are still waiting for the ducks to show up with less than two weeks left of their season. As happened before those of us that are local forget just how good we have it in Missouri.

Quail. With the last push for end of season upland hunting underway we have been receiving mixed reports from just about every where in Kansas. Some are finding birds stating they either bagged a limit or should have and others saying the land is worn out.

We have been through this before and attribute a lot of the negative feedback to the rush of hunters we allocated Association memberships to that interpreted the favorable pre-season bird reports meaning the levels were back to where they were during the middle 90's. They have not returned to those levels yet and after our two dry springs seem on the verge of regaining the glory days when everyone shot limits and all thought they had the best bird dogs around. For those that want to hunt and work their dogs they are finding the hunting as it should be, working for every point. Those expecting to find birds without walking every fence line, drain or draw are out for a ride in the country.

Good luck to all and even an average field day is better than watching TV.

11 Jan

Whitetail. Steve from West Virginia set out a game camera during his hunt and captured these bucks on film at the same crossing. Thanks Steve good luck next season.

Quail. Bruce with a nicely composed picture from his last quail hunt. Thank you, Bruce we agree you should be happy about a relaxing walk in the field and a limit early in the day.

10 Jan

Quail. First hunt after a layoff for the stitches to heal.

The dogs pictured (right) are pointing singles from a seven bird covey that was pointed and flushed on 1-7-04, but not fired upon. As coveys shrink in size through the season, some members don't shoot at coveys made up of less than ten birds. Five of the seven singles from this covey were pointed, pictures were taken, but no birds were shot. By leaving "seed" for next season, we help insure that there will always be quail at our favorite spots. There are still plenty of coveys with healthy numbers, let's focus on those in the late season. Thanks to this member for conserving the resource!

9 Jan

Waterfowl. A picture from Duke for the discerning eye. Dog and hunter, not much else for equipment and still ducks were had on a November hunt. Thanks Duke, for one of those pictures that says a lot.


Whitetail. Congratulations to Sean on his first whitetail hunt in his Association. Sean also wrote a great account of the hunt highlighting some of he intangible aspects of the Association that may be more important than just the land. Thank you Sean for bring to the attention of others what some may never realize.

7 Jan

Pheasant. Andrew, a refreshing example that not all attorneys are liberals, with his dog, Payton, from a recent hunt.

Waterfowl. Grady and crew with an excellent example of how waterfowl hunters may hunt the way they want to hunt with their own equipment. Success on their own!

Ducks. Shown are Majors Kenneth Rosson, USAF and Al Stahl, USA representing the 25 or so active duty military members within their Association. Kenneth writes: "It was a great duck hunt on a farm pond. All of the mallard shooting was done in 2 1/2 hours, from about 1300 to 1530. It was one of those once in a season hunts. Great dog work, but wore him out!"

We are particularly proud of the recent success of our Military hunters to include the earlier highlighted Majors Doug Baker and Rhett Thompson, USA, both on active duty.

Thanks to you all for some great photos and good luck with the remainder of the season.

Duck. Recent duck reports tell the late season hunters had a good time of it with the earlier cold weather pushing the ducks down from the north. The pictures above represent what we have been told by others, essentially when the duck are in our wetlands produce.

Whitetail. Daryl, 169 5/8 green. Captured on film before the hunt!

Thank you Daryl for such a unique opportunity to see before and after of the same deer, congratulations!

5 Jan

Ducks. Greenhead only days, limits or not, while this is not the case every day they are frequent enough for most seasoned duck hunters. These are the type of hunters that enjoy the Association, those that enjoy the hunt rather than count numbers.

Quail. TJ Bass, right, with his first ever quail, and with a .410! Congratulations TJ! Great picture that will last a lifetime of that one special moment. Thanks TJ Bass Sr., for sharing the picture.

Pheasant. The first double off a first season pup is always worth a picture. A true double where the gun never left the shoulder, a step not taken and the dog on point till the first shot fired (by training) then held up to be steady to wing of the second bird (by training). Kansas pheasant hunt showing 1/2 bag limit, first day of the trip, the second field hunted, on a warm windy day in January 2004. The dog is a King Llewellin, one year old. Thanks to MAHA for giving me the chance to have such a memory and another picture for the album.

Good hunting to all!


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