November 2003 Updates

26 Nov

Deer. Congratulations to Matt Rebeck for adding another wallhanger to his archery deer collection.

We'd like to thank Matt in a big way for volunteering his services to help convert the maps from paper to CD.

Some of the older members seem to oppose changes and would like to see the club operate like it did 20 years ago, but in a competitive market place, intelligent changes are the key to long term survival.

Deer. Brennan is now two for two with a balanced rack that will make a fine wallhanger. Thanks to Matt and Brennan for sharing with us two very fine deer. We certainly appreciate the time you take to send in your photos.

25 Nov

Youth Deer Hunter. I got this deer today with my father. It was my first 10 pointer. We started hunting at 6 am and finished at 4:30 pm. It was a very long hunt. I didn't think we would get one, but I stuck with it to the end. Sincerely, Jon Jr. Great dads make great children.

24 Nov

Whitetail. Keith traveling from Pennsylvania sent in this update: "...5 day hunt...5 mule deer bucks, 4 whitetail bucks, and 14 other deer..." Thanks for the great photograph with the stunning background!

23 Nov

Whitetail. Todd brought in another picture of his trophy whitetail we originally featured on 19 November. Such a great deer deserves another look. Thanks Todd, this picture shows a large body to go with that great rack.

Upland Birds. We have received a number of upland bird reports and a few pictures. This one is from Steve that reports: "Tons of both pheasant and quail..." and reflects the general opinion of most of the last several weeks.

However, we occasionally have a hunter that tells us he has had trouble locating birds. The analysis on this seems to get out of the area where no birds are found and try another. This may seem obvious, but do not be too quick to judge an area until both dog and hunter have tried all the habitat variety in that land unit.

Thanks Steve for the picture, it is always good to get all feedback.

22 Nov

Youth Hunters. John, Hope everything finds you well and prosperous. Galen and I wanted you to share in the joy of our kids' first deer. Lauren is 12 and George is 9. George got his deer during the youth hunt. Lauren got her deer on Monday. They couldn't be prouder and neither could we. Best, Marti Sharp

Great pictures, smiles and expressions and great deer for some so young. Congratulations to Lauren and George!

Deer. Read what patients, good luck, and simple awareness of our surroundings can pay off with a buck and doe from the same stand within minutes and passing on other deer. Thank you Andrew with your now two year accounting of what kind of deer hunting you have experienced with your Association. We are sure you will continue this success string.

Deer hunter Doug Baker accounts for what had to be one very exciting deer hunt after a day long of experiencing the big nothing of standing for deer. Doug shows that patients for that golden minute pays off. Thank you Doug as your special account of grunting use and results gives all one more bit of insight into buck behavior.

Traveling Deer Hunter. Take a look at Gary to see what deer hunting potential really is! Thank you Gary for the great picture and all we can say is, wow, and perhaps we are a bit envious!

Upland bird hunting. Dog with birds from a first year upland bird lease being surveyed during the hunting season as part of the quality control effort.

From a long time upland bird hunter: I am particularly proud of this photograph as it represents the field, the day, the hunt when my first season bird dog first out produced his 10 year veteran brace mate. Thanks MAHA and staff for all the great land you have for us.

20 Nov

Fishing. Shawn sent in some great pictures from this past summer's fishing trips.

Shawn is also a very consistent hunter showing great success at turkey and waterfowl hunting as well. His daughter is following right along in his shoes with Kelsey harvesting turkey and racked bucks with her dad. His luck continues as he has a wife that shares his adventures and is also featured on their fishing page.

Thank you Shawn for being generous and showing others what is possible.

Deer. via email: "Jon, here is the end result of my recent bow hunt. Thanks for getting quality land to hunt. Billy Kindrick"

Billy's hunting partner, Buck Harris, shot this very well composed photo.

Thank you Billy and Buck for taking the time to set up a great picture and sharing such a fine deer with all of us. You certainly have earned one great wallhanger.

This whitetail picture has been heavily pilfered and propagated across the internet and printed publications to include posting to other outfitter advertising material. We have kept the first and last names of the hunter and eye witness as further proof this deer came off of MAHA lease land and that we are not guilty of any fraud with its posting to this update page.


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